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12-Year-old rapper appears in court on felony charges for selling CDs in the Georgia mall


Sep 14, 2020
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A young boy who was arrested at a Georgia mall for allegedly selling his mixtape to shoppers, is now appearing in court to defend himself against felony charges.

According to CBS 46, Tuesday, Corey Jackson, an aspiring rapper who goes by the name Lil C Note, appeared in court after his run in with an overzealous police officer which landed him on the wrong side of the law.

In October of 2018, Jackson was in Georgia visiting family and was in the food court of a local Cumberland shopping center, when an off-duty deputy approached the young man, grabbed him by his arm and then accused him of loitering.

The jarring interaction was caught on video by the child’s aunt and made national news once it was shared through social media. In the official police report, the officer claims Jackson had been in trouble on two previous occasions for selling CDs in the mall, but his lawyer vehemently denies those allegations.

“When he was there, he was not selling anyCDs or doing anything that would have been prohibited he was there meeting other artists,” attorney Mawuli Davis said in court after Jackson denied all charges.

Davis thinks the charges are heavy handed and is banking on the case being dismissed altogether, but if not, he is prepared to move forward with a trial.

Jackson, who is getting a sobering lesson on how the criminal justice system works, shared his reaction to the court appearance on his personal Instagram.

“Seriously like I really wake up everyday asking myself why would this police officer tell these ludicrous/ridiculous stories on me that now have me having to go to court facing a felony at 12 years old as if I’m really a robber, killer / Murderer or some kid that cuss out and fight police officers or sum!!” reads the caption to his post.

The prosecutor on this case has yet to release any statements.

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