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1400-Year-Old Ginkgo Tree Shows Beautiful Autumn Foliage


Oct 14, 2020
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Every year, this 1,400-year-old Ginkgo tree gains attention on social media when its golden leaves start to fall in late October.

The tree, which is also known as the maidenhair tree, was planted in a Buddhist temple in Xi’an, China by Emperor Li Shimin, the second ruler of Tang Dynasty (618–907).

The Buddhist temple is called Zen monastery, and is located in the province of Shaanxi.

People have been travelling from all over China to visit the tree. The temple only allowed a maximum of 3,000 people to see the tree each day and online reservation on WeChat was compulsory.

Ginkgo trees are native to China and is the only survivor of an ancient group of trees that is believed to be older than dinosaurs.

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