15-year-old in critical condition after being shot by stepfather when she returned home unexpectedly


Say what you want about the right to bear firearms, but none can deny that they’re the cause of any number of serious accidents and injuries each year.

One of the ever-present issues surrounding people having access to guns in their home is that in the wrong hands they’re quite literally a lethal weapon.

Only last week did we report the tragic tale of a toddler who died after accidentally shooting himself at his own birthday party, having got his hands on a gun that had fallen from a family member’s pocket.

Of course, even when used by responsible adults, guns can cause all kinds of misery, a point proven this weekend when a 15-year-old girl was shot by her own step-father, who thought she was an intruder trying to break into the home.

As per horrific reports, said incident took place at around 2:15 a.m. in Clay, Jefferson County, Alabama. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said that the teenager had been dropped off at her residence in the early hours of Sunday morning.

From there, she attempted to enter the home via the garage door. Her parents heard the door opening and her step-father went to investigate, armed with his firearm.

Upon encountering the girl, the step-father is said to have accidentally shot her in the abdomen.

Critical condition

The teenager was rushed to Children’s Hospital for treatment, where she remains in critical condition. Reports state that the incident, though believed by authorities to be a accident, is currently being investigated.

Other sources have claimed that the girl’s parents weren’t expecting her home that night, and so had reason to believe the person coming in through the garage was a genuine intruder.

That poor young girl, I can only imagine the horror of the situation she found herself in. My thoughts go out to the step-father too, who is no doubt wracked with guilt over what happened.

We’re sending prayers in the hope that she pulls through. Share this article on Facebook if you’d like to do the same.

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