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3-year-old boy walking with his parents gets stabbed in the face by a woman on the sidewalk


Aug 31, 2020
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Trigger warning: contains graphic visuals and details that may be distressing to some

There was no reason and no motive; yet, a woman randomly attacked an innocent child while he was walking along Pekini Street in Tbilisi, Georgia, with his family.

In a disturbing video that captured the attack, the little boy can be seen holding onto his mother’s arm while walking down the street when a woman came from the other side, pulled out her knife, and stabbed the boy out of nowhere, as reported by The Sun.

The parents seemed to take a few moments to even process what was going on. The attacker, a 51-year-old woman, started walking away but then quickly turned back to go for the other child, who was holding the father’s hand. This time, the father was able to react quickly and shielded the second child from also being attacked.

Following is the video, which caught the extremely distressing incident and viewer discretion is advised.


After leaving the 3-year-old boy injured, the woman walked away and escaped while the child was taken in an ambulance to the Zhvania clinic, as reported by Jam News. The parents of the young child revealed that they did not know who the attacker was. They had never even seen her before but because of her horrifying actions, their child had to go through surgery.

Doctors deemed the cuts on the boy’s nose and cheek as moderately severe and kept him in the hospital until he was in a better condition.

Although the attacker managed to escape after the incident, which took place in August 2019, she was caught the very next morning and was facing a possible seven to 10 years of jail time if convicted.

The video of the violent attack went viral and even reached Reddit, where a number of people shared comments of how shocking the woman’s actions were.

As a parent of two children. I am shook. You think this kind of shit doesn’t happen to you, until it does. This is why I’m always so serious when out in public with my kids. Always observing people. Sick fucking people out there want to do harm to innocent children should be eliminated.

MarnerIsAMagicMan said, “What a relief that the kid should be okay, he’s very lucky to be alive let alone with no serious damage or blindness. Such a sick person to attack a child like this.”

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Posted by Karmen Mejia on Thursday, August 29, 2019

Mentioning the horror that the innocent boy went through, ignoremeplstks wrote, “He might be traumatised of knifes, or even of random people passing by (social skills). That’s bad..
The good thing is that him being still a little kid, with good professional work, he can gain trust back again and move past this trauma.”

One user, dewill4 said shared a personal experice and wrote, “I completely feel the dads initial reaction tho. He hesitated and then attacked, whether out of fear or cuz he didn’t know what happened at first. I was walking with my 4 year old and wife around the Santa Monica promenade one weekend and a homeless guy punched my child in the face as we passed. I didn’t see what happened at first. But my wife who holding hands with my child grabbed her face and starting yelling. I didn’t know what was happening. I froze for about 5 seconds. The homeless guy starting walking away from us and my wife told me. Only then did i chase after him. Luckily there were two police officers across the street who saw the whole thing and tackled the guy before I could. Turns out he had 2 knives on him. I always wonder what could have happened had the cops not been there.”

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