4-year-old who suffered burns across her body and face will need years of surgery, but she’s never lost her smile


When the incident took place, her father could hear her screaming but couldn’t see what was happening.

It started off as an ordinary day for four-year-old Rawkee, who joined her father, Shay, 29 on their family ranch in Kanab, Utah. Rawkee and her siblings enjoy doing farm chores with their father but on that particular day in February, 2020, the little girl wound up in the hospital for third-degree burns. As it turns out, the family met with an unexpected danger and the four-year-old got caught in the flames of a grass fire.

Before the accident, Shay had just finished burning fence lines before he started playing with his daughter on the farm. What they didn’t foresee was the embers from the fire getting caught in the wind and blowing towards them.

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Her mother, Megan, spoke about the incident and said, as reported by Metro, “Shay heard her screaming. He couldn’t see anything. He started pulling her clothes off and he saw her sweater melting into her skin and her face was melting.”

“Rawkee was caught in the flames of a small grass fire whilst burning fence lines with her dad on our farm,” the mother recalled, as reported by the Daily Mail. “She was rushed to Kane County Hospital and intubated and then taken by helicopter to Las Vegas University Medical Centre. I was terrified and helpless, but also calm knowing that no good comes from losing control when things are suddenly out of your control.”

Wasting no time, the doctors and nurses quickly got Rawkee stable and started her treatment. But that was only the beginning of a long road to recovery. For 45 days, Rawkee had to remain in the ICU before she could finally go back home, only to make more routine visits to the hospital for her ongoing treatment.

What her family is grateful to see is the adorable smile still remains on Rawkee’s face. “She sits in front of the mirror every morning and she never feels bad about herself. She never feels ugly,” her mother said, according to Metro.

Source: GoFundMe

For roughly the next 10 years, walking in and out of a hospital will be nothing out of the ordinary for Rawkee because she still needs multiple surgeries for her burns. There will be surgeries to reconstruct her face as well.

“She will have cosmetic surgeries over the years to replace the things that will have been lost,” Megan explained. “She will lose two-thirds of her hair as we stretched her scalp. She will have to have hair plug surgery and her eyebrows will have to be restored. Her lips and nose will have to be injected with fat to get them back to normal.”

Megan and Shay, parents to three children with a fourth on the way, set up a GoFundMe page, hoping to raise funds to help out with the medical bills. “…We are very sad, but trying to be strong for her… This little girl is our whole world,” the parents wrote on the page.

Source: GoFundMe

Speaking of the way young Rawkee has remained positive, Megan previously said, according to the Daily Mail, “Rawkee has always been a child with the greatest courage, independence and strength. It was as if she was born to experience this journey… She truly is a miracle and we couldn’t be prouder of her and the progress she had made. She is a fighter and had given her recovery everything she has to give.”

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