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8 different types of kisses and their perceived meanings!


Sep 8, 2020
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Are you in a relationship? Torn between whether it is love, friendship or mere fancy? This blog may help you to figure it out.

It is a known fact that kissing is an important indicator in any relationship. It increases the compatibility to begin with, and people are able to communicate more on a romantic level. The kind of kiss also reveals about how much a person cares for the other.

Testing the compatibility and attraction between two individuals based on the quality of the first kiss makes sense, right? Kisses are of many kinds and each gives you an opportunity to get to know your partner or date. Let’s take a look at what different kisses could potentially mean!

The Cheek Kiss: It means that the person is dear to you and signals anything from friendly companionship to romantic interest. If you are dating someone and you get a kiss on cheek, then baby…he likes you and you are surely going to get real kiss next time.

The Forehead Kiss: It usually means that the person cares for you and loves you. This indicates a friendly bonding between the two.

The Eskimo Kiss: This is a friendly affectionate kiss. It’s when you rub noses back and forth with eyes closed. It’s downright adorable and playful!

The Earlobe Kiss: This kiss is reserved for intimate partners. Ears are a sensitive  and erotic part of the body and this kiss is a sexual gesture by your partner. So if you get kiss there then you can surely take it as a sign of strong attraction. 

The Hand Kiss: This kiss shows that the other person loves and respects you. It’s a sign of gratitude, admiration or just being courteous.

The Neck Kiss: These kisses are excellent foreplay. Your partner could also kiss you this way if they feel some reservation in you. They probably are trying to get to be free and experience more passion.

The French Kiss: It is widely known as the most romantic kiss. Your partner’s tongue touches yours- also called tongue kissing. This kiss with the person is more passionate and erotic than most others.

Surprise Kiss: You give this kiss only when you are comfortable with your partner. This kiss reveals a sudden affection burst for your partner and it shows that you find them irresistibly appealing.

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