Cat Exercise Wheel Attached To Armchair Lets Cat Lovers Play and Relax With Their Favorite Felines

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While domestic cats are notoriously aloof creatures, they also struggle with giving their humans personal space. If you have a friendly feline that follows you everywhere, perhaps you’ll appreciate The Loveseat by pet furniture brand Catham City. Traditional loveseats are intended for two people, but this one is especially designed for you and your cat to “bond in a way that makes sense for both of you.” Best of all, The Loveseat isn’t just a place to cuddle—it’s an armchair and a cat exercise wheel in one. The clever design allows you and your cat to play and relax, side by side.

The Loveseat is ideal for cats who may need to lose a few pounds, or those who seem to have endless amounts of energy. It was designed by Beth Horneman, who came up with the idea during the pandemic lockdown, during which she spent plenty of time with her cat Oliver. She’s now launched a campaign on Kickstarter. “The biggest benefit of The Loveseat is the healthy time you will spend together,” she says. “Your fur baby will be encouraged to use the wheel often, because you are nearby.” Unlike traditional pet furniture that’s often pushed to the corner of a room, The Loveseat takes pride of place in your home. You can relax on the armchair while your cat uses the exercise wheel beside you. It features scratch carpet lining, allowing kitties to dig their paws into it while they play.

The clever design is not only practical and stylish. Catham City has a commitment to sustainable design, too. If the Kickstarter campaign is successfully funded, The Loveseat will be made from beech wood and plywood with a biodegradable wax finish. The comfy pillows will be made from a recycled PU material, which is scratch and spill resistant. The chair also comes with a mini round tray attached to one of the arms, serving as a table for drinks.

The Loveseat is designed to be assembled at home in around 10 minutes, and you can choose which side of the armchair you want the wheel to be on. It’s ideal for cats up to 15 lbs, but if you have a bigger cat, you can upgrade to a bigger wheel.

Find out about more The Loveseat and head over to Kickstarter to back the campaign.

The Loveseat is an armchair and a cat exercise wheel in one.

It allows you and your cat to play and relax, side by side.

Catham City: Instagram | Kickstarter
h/t: [apartment therapy]

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