Dachshund rescues family’s small dog from mountain lion attack in Colorado


EVERGREEN, Colo. – This dog might be small, but he’s got a big heart for his best friend. 

Winston the dachshund proved his heroism earlier this month when his buddy Mijo, a 15-year-old chiweenie, was attacked by a mountain lion in Evergreen, Colorado.

Their owners, Sarah Moore and Lindsay Golden, told 9 News that the dogs got out of the house through an open door and within seconds, a mountain lion grabbed Mijo. 

Mijo and Winston (Courtesy: Sarah Moore)

Instead of running away in fear, Winston chased the large cat and barked until it dropped Mijo and left, according to 9 News.

“This is his best friend, so I’m not surprised that when he was screaming, that he chased after him,” Moore, Winston’s owner, told 9 News.

“He’s got a lot of heart,” Moore added.

FILE: Mountain lion on a rock. (Photo by DEA / C. DANI I. JESKE/De Agostini via Getty Images)

As soon as the mountain lion dropped Mijo, Moore and Golden rushed him to the emergency veterinarian. 

Unfortunately, the dog lost his right eye and had a seizure the night of the attack. Mijo could have some neurological damage, according to a GoFundMe page Moore set up to help pay for his medical bills.

As of Thursday afternoon, the page had raised over $11,500. 

Golden, who owns Mijo, told 9 News that Winston is a hero.

“[A] 20-pound dog with the courage of a 200-pound dog,” she said.

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