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Danish Children’s TV Show Featuring Adult Stripping In Front Of Kids Has Folks Divided…For Some Odd Reason


Sep 22, 2020
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Over reason years, the debate over body image has become more heated. Many folks feel that certain body types are shamed in society and wish to change that, as folks with certain bodies are more open about expressing themselves. Normally, this movement is associated with people who are overweight, but there are also other body types that fall under the body image movement, such as those with body modifications and amputees. However, one Danish children’s T.V. show may have taken things too far, and it’s being slammed by many who feel that having adults strip naked in front of kids to teach them about the human body crosses the line by a mile.

The program, which aired by the Danish TV channel D.R. Ultra, sets out to challenge society’s narrative about how people must strive to have “the perfect body type.” It does this by exposing children to a wide variety of different nude adult bodies. One of the more recent episodes examined hair and skin.

“At what age did you grow hair on the lower part of your body?” one of the children asked when the adults took off their bathrobes.

Another questioned: “Do you consider removing your tattoos?”

And a third child asked: “Are you pleased with your private parts?”

In Denmark, the show is actually quite popular, and as the Daily Star points out, the nation does not view nudity as taboo the way other cultures see it. And at the Danish T.V. festival, the program even won an award for best children’s T.V. program.

However, when a clip of this controversial show surfaced online, folks pretty much lost it.

The Daily Star reports, Activist Obianuju Ekeocha wrote on Twitter:

“The show claims to teach kids about different body types by exposing them to naked adults.

“Why? Why are there now so many pushing to destroy children?”

Another person commented:

“This is so heartbreaking. What happened to the innocence of childhood?”

A Twitter user added:

“The Danish ‘children’s’ show, ‘Ultra Strips Down’, claims it teaches kids about body types by having ADULTS STRIP NAKED right before their eyes!

“The assault on children is real, it’s global and it’s intentional. #ProtectChildren”.

A children’s television program in Denmark is supposedly challenging stereotypes of the ‘perfect body’ by allowing a…

Posted by Kelli Keily on Saturday, September 19, 2020

However, the show has also received criticism from inside Denmark as well.

The New York Times reports that Peter Skaarup, a leader within the right-wing Danish People’s Party, claimed that the show is “depraving our children.”

He said in an interview with the Danish tabloid, B.T., that the show exposes children “far too early” to what adult bodies actually look like under their clothes. He also said that kids at this age “already have many things running around in their heads.”

In response to the growing backlash, the show issued a statement saying that the program is “educational T.V. for kids and family s who can have a healthy talk about what bodies look like.”

What are your thoughts on this show?

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