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Daughter claims she ruined her dad’s surprise wedding after being the last to know about it


Oct 17, 2020
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A Reddit user has admitted to ruining her dad’s “surprise” wedding after learning about the ceremony 30 minutes before it started. 

The daughter, with the username throglo, posted about the moment on Reddit’s “Am I the A–h—” forum last week, explaining that her parents are divorced and do not get along — though they do have joint custody. 

She explained that one day in January when her dad picked her up to spend a week with him, he told her they were going to drive an hour away to his friend’s house “for a surprise party.”

But once they arrived at an event hall, the Reddit user said her dad informed her that it was actually his wedding. He also told her that she was one of the bridesmaids and had to hurry inside so she could get ready, because the ceremony was set to start in 30 minutes. 

“I lost my s–t,” she wrote. “His wife’s daughter and everyone else in our family knew for months. But I was kept in the dark because apparently he was so sure that my mom would hear about it and create drama.”

“I felt extremely betrayed and lashed out at my dad horribly,” she added. “I was crying and said some harsh things.”

However, she said she was “forced” into the room where she was supposed to get ready, but the dress was too small and wouldn’t zip up. 

“At this point, I threatened to call the police if I wasn’t taken back to my mom’s immediately,” she wrote. 

“My dad gave up and drove me back,” she added. “This was 45 mins after the ceremony time. By the time he got me home and went back to his wedding, it was almost three hours past the wedding time. Most of the people had left and I was told that he had to marry his wife at the courts a week later.”

According to the Redditor, her dad has since apologized, but their relationship has remained strained. However, her relationship with her step-mother and step-sister — which had been good in the past — is now “non-existent.” 

“AITA [Am I the A–h—] for how I acted?” she asked. “I feel bad that his wife had her wedding ruined.”

Even though the wedding was ruined, Redditors sided with the daughter, saying her dad shouldn’t have kept his wedding a secret from her. 

“A surprise wedding is never a good idea,” one person wrote. “Surprising your teenage kids and expecting them to be in the wedding goes down in history as one of the worst ideas of all time.”

Someone else said: “Your dad put you in an uncomfortable situation that you never should have been in, and he’s responsible for the fallout.”

“I can understand your dad not wanting your mom to find out (assuming that his fears about her making a scene are reasonable), however, he should have trusted you with the information ahead of time so you were not blindsided,” another person wrote.

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