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Devoted dad dances in hospital parking lot while cancer-stricken son watches from the window during chemo


Oct 3, 2020
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A parent parents would do anything they can to trade places with their sick child in the hospital. The next best thing a parent can do is show them all the love and support they need and this father, Chuck Yielding did exactly that even though he could not be right beside his son.

Yielding found out that their son had Leukemia in May 2020, and needed to start his chemotherapy treatment right away. However, due to the pandemic, there were restrictions on the number of people accompanying a patient while receiving treatment at the Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas. It meant that only one parent could accompany Chuck’s son, Aiden during his hospital visits.

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Posted by Lori Landry Yielding on Friday, September 25, 2020

When 14-year-old Aiden goes to the hospital every Tuesday for another round of chemo, he is accompanied by his mother, Lori who works at the same hospital because only one person is allowed with him. But the young boy also knows that if he looks out the window, he is going to see his dad right there, sending all the love and good cheer that Aiden needs from the parking lot.

Chuck unabashedly whips out all his best moves to put a smile on his son’s face and make sure his son knows that his father is also with him through this. The devoted dad said he would do “just anything to bring his spirits up a little bit, and let him know he is not alone. We are with him,” as reported by CBS DFW.


The entire hospital now knows about the loving father who busts out all the moves he knows while his son watches from the window.

Talking about how the heartwarming hospital ritual began, Chuck said, “You know, I just didn’t like the thought of not being there” while Lori chimed in saying, “And I think Chuck just saw how rough of a time he was having and said, ‘Hey, bring him to the window,'” as reported by WFAA-TV.

Lori laughed and added that they were “Dance moves that I’ve definitely seen over the years at weddings and events.” 

“I’ve always been a little off,” Chuck jokingly admitted. But for his son, he is willing to do something cheeky so that he can laugh through his chemotherapy. 

“For sure it lifts my spirits,” the 14-year-old boy said. As he hugged his mom, he said, “I’ve always got this one in there with me. But for sure it lifts my spirits and makes me feel like he’s there, you know.”

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Posted by Lori Landry Yielding on Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The father-son duo have even come up with their own moves and Aiden added, “it’s definitely unique to have a few dance moves we do every single time.”

Going to the hospital with Aiden is now a routine thing and Chuck wants to make sure that he is there for every one of them. He grows emotional as he said, “I’m a protector. And it’s hard whenever your kid is going through this of course. They’re gonna make fun of me for crying. But I get upset about it.

“I think a big fear I have is not being able to be there. And being there is important to me.”

Although it’s tough, Aiden is able to pull through knowing that both his parents are right there with him. “I just keep smiling,” the boy said.

Lori, who also loves to see the way her husband shows up for their son, said according to CBS DFW, “Family is everything, togetherness is everything, but even when you can’t be together as a whole family as a unit you find ways that you can.”

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