Evil mother hurls her newborn baby across a hotel lobby while arguing with her boyfriend


Trigger warning: Contains descriptions and graphic video content of child abuse which may be distressing.

A disturbing turn of events saw a cruel mother hurt her helpless baby as a result of a heated argument that erupted between her and her boyfriend.

In the middle of the fight that the mother is seen to be having with someone in the video footage, she can be seen hurling her 2-month-old baby across the floor and then violently tipping over a plant that was next to her.

The horrifying incident took place at a hotel lobby in Romania, where the woman had been staying ever since travel restrictions were imposed due to the ongoing pandemic, as reported by The Sun.

For those who saw the video, what was even more heartbreaking was that nobody came to pick up the child. The mother of the newborn baby continued arguing while the baby is seen on the floor, faintly moving in the unclear CCTV footage. The child can be seen skidding to a halt on the lobby floor after being mercilessly thrown by the baby’s own parent.

The aggressive mother paid zero attention to the little one lying on the floor after a severe fall. The mother was seen standing right next to the baby at one point in the video but doesn’t bother to look at the baby to see if the tot is okay.

The mother also reportedly had an altercation with another woman next to the double doors of the lobby. Ultimately, it was not the mother who came to the baby’s help; a woman wearing a white shirt was the one who finally picked up the child after it laid on the hotel lobby’s floor for several moments. It is unclear whether the baby’s father is in the video or was around at the exact moment when the incident took place.

It has only been a couple of months since the baby arrived into the woman and her boyfriend’s lives. Just a short while before she gave birth, the 21-year-old Italian mother, whose identity was not revealed, had arrived in Romania to visit the 38-year-old Romanian boyfriend. Their baby was born prematurely at the Bega Maternity Hospital in the month of March. And since the travel restrictions were imposed, the woman was stuck in Romania and had been staying at the hotel in Timisoara.

For a while after the premature birth, the baby was under the care of doctors and was later transferred to Louis Turcanu Hospital. After the baby’s release, the mother had no choice but to stay in the hotel, which was being paid for by her parents, who were back home in Italy. The woman also has a three-year-old child, who was left behind back home in Lombardy, Italy.

The boyfriend would regularly visit the mother and baby at the hotel, and they had an argument before the mother threw her baby in this horrible manner. The poor baby, a victim of the parents’ aggression, was rushed to the hospital and placed in intensive care after the mother’s violent act. The woman was later taken by the cops.

Doctors inspected the baby to make sure the spine didn’t suffer from any serious injuries, however, they diagnosed the little one with traumatic brain injury and doled out treatment.

While the baby was kept at the Louis Turcanu Hospital, the father was reported to have stayed with the baby. The tot is still receiving treatment even after being discharged from the hospital.

While the baby was receiving treatment for injuries caused by her own parent, the 21-year-old mother was taken into custody and is held a pre-trial detention centre, as reported by the Daily Mail. Investigations into the incident are still being carried out.

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