Father and two sons shot dead after gunman enters home, baby remains in critical condition


A father and his two sons were shot dead on Saturday night in Sumter, South Carolina, when a lone gunman entered their house and opened fire.

According to reports, the investigation concerning the deaths of 61-year-old Raymond Davis and his two sons Randy, 36, and Marcus 32, is ongoing.

A cousin of the family, Mary Isaac, told how they had been planning Thanksgiving with one another, after not having seen each other in months due to COVID-19.

“We just want to wake up from this nightmare; it’s just a nightmare,” Mary said. “There’s nothing that can justify why you would kill three people. I just don’t really understand it. It’s just tragic.”

Suspect Eugene Martin, 27, is now behind bars, facing charges including three counts of murder, four counts of attempted murder and burglary.

As of yesterday, Monday 16, November, a pregnant woman who was also shot in the home was in hospital having undergone an emergency c-section. She is expected to make a recovery.

Mary Isaac said that the woman was expecting a little boy in February. Marcus was the father. The baby she had been carrying remains in critical condition at the hospital.

Remembering her slain family members, Mary said:

“Randy was more the jokester, always had a smile…(and) Marcus was so bright. He was the baby. He was just a young, intelligent young man who loved staying home, loved Carolina, loved his parents.”

As for Eugene Martin, she said:

“I would ask him to turn his life over the God, to apologize. I don’t think there’s an explanation he can give us to help us explain why you would do something as tragic and as just mind boggling as this.

“I would just ask him to please turn his life over to God. To repent, ‘cause, you know, by us hoping that he gets death, that’s not going to bring our family back. As a Christian person, I just want to understand and I know God is going to give me some peace with this and I just pray for him.”

My heart goes out to the family of the fallen. For three people to be killed in such a senseless way is so abhorrently wrong.

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