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Flight Attendant’s Viral TikTok About The ‘Nastiest Parts On An Airplane’ Has Us Reaching For The Hand Sanitizer


Oct 8, 2020
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The next time you travel by plane, you might want to have plenty of hand sanitizer on your person.

A viral TikTok video of a flight attendant cautioning potential travelers about the “nastiest parts on a plane” proved we still have much to learn while grossing us out in the process.

Kat Kamalani posted the clip on September 8 and it has since amassed over 1.2 million views.

She began her friendly warning with something passengers often get handsy with after settling into their seats.

“First thing’s first: Do not touch the backseat pocket. They clean them out between flights, but they don’t sanitize them.”

“Think of all the dirty tissues, barf bags, and garbage that has been in there.”

You’d better hold onto that Us Weekly rolled up beside you then.

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Passengers will inevitably need to place their beverage somewhere, but consider the following before unlatching that tray table.

Kamalani suggested:

“Next, if you’re gonna use your tray table, make sure you sanitize it.”

And why is that?

“I have seen so many parents use this as a changing table for their child’s diaper, and then they put it in the backseat pocket.”

Doody noted, er, duly.

Kamalani listed a few other items we never think twice about sanitizing, like air vent knobs, and the laminated safety booklet from the seat pockets that jetsetters often peruse just to pass the time.

Of course, washing your hands after using the lavatory is compulsory, but Kamalani also warned to use a tissue when locking the door upon entering.

People gasped over the eye-opening information.

Our friendly flight attendant ended the clip with a helpful tip for the ladies by indicating where they can help themselves to pads in a hidden compartment inside the lavatory.

Many of the comments mentioned the lack of efficient time for cleaning crews to thoroughly clean and disinfect areas inside planes.

Kamalini agreed and replied:

“That’s true! Ceaning crews work HARD but aren’t given much time to clean.”

That means it’s up to us to arm ourselves – not only against the airborne viral pathogen responsible for the global health crisis – but also against all the bacteria lurking in the most unsuspecting of places inside a plane.

At least with snakes on a plane, you can see them.

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