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Florida man doesn’t understand why he can’t get a job, proceeds to trash the McDonald’s that won’t hire him.


Sep 4, 2020
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Tallahassee, FL – Peter Miller was having a hard time finding employment after being released from prison just months earlier. He couldn’t understand why he would never get past the first interview with potential employers.

Miller began to accept the fact that he may have to start with a honest, humble job and work his way up. Miller said, “McDonald’s hires anyone, so why not me?”. He filled out an application online and got called for an interview the next day.

The interview went well until the end when manager, Gustavo Fring told Miller, “I’m not sure this would be a good fit at the moment, but we will keep your application on file for the next 30 days”. Miller lost his shit. He sent the McFlurry machine crashing to the ground and started toppling over anything that wasn’t attached to the ground. Authorities arrived within minutes and place the irate Miller under arrest. He is being held without bail.

He still doesn’t understand why he can’t get a job…

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