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‘Grandma Karen’ Goes Off On Her Granddaughter’s School For Daring To Teach Kids About Masks


Sep 18, 2020
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Getting back to school this fall is taking a toll on everyone. Some have continued juggling educational tasks in a virtual learning environment, but for those who have returned to a physical school building, the landscape appears vastly different.

Not only are there social distancing and cleaning protocols in place, but there have been strange shifts in the curriculum, too.

Take, for instance, the homework one child brought home from school, which was to write a story about a child wearing a face mask. 

To some parents, such an assignment is a godsend, helping to normalize the wearing of masks for little kids. But for other parents, that’s the exact problem.

One grandmother, and a definite Karen, posted a video online, ranting about her granddaughter bringing this assignment about mask stories home.

The grandmother exclaimed: 

“Not only are these children forced to wear a f’king mask, they have to do stories about how it’s normal.

Despite going through most of 2020 with masks on our faces, the anti-masker Karen argued this was not normal.

“It’s not f’king normal people.”

“Wake the f’k up.”

You can watch the video here: 

The grandmother ends the video, questioning what will appear in schools next, now that face masks have made it into the curriculum. She claims to plan to fight the school on this and calls on any other parents in the area, as well as school officials, to do the same.

Despite her passion, Redditors overseeing the post on the “F’kYouKaren” subReddit  largely disagreed with grandma Karen. 

“Every single word she said was absolutely wrong.” – November_15th

“I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. Or maybe just in this country” – NotMomApproved

“the worst part about being in teaching is dealing with parents like this…” – TonightRainshowers

“She’s right it wasn’t (past tense) normal that we have to wear masks, before this pandemic. It wasn’t but it’s people like her why we still have to.”

“I’m not saying that [the pandemic] would be all over but stupid people who lack the common knowledge/decency to protect others and themselves are prolonging it” – ccshelf

“Why is it always the adults complaining about the masks in terms of their children or in this case grandchild wearing one?”

“My 5 year old wears a mask all day in school and when I pick him up he leaves it on until he is in the car and strapped in.”

“He puts it on before we even leave the house! He couldn’t care less about wearing a mask.”

“So no, NY ain’t with you lady.” – anon-foryou

2020 has been an exceptionally hard year, and trying to ensure that our kids are still receiving a fair education is an undeniable obstacle parents have faced.

But seeing as how face masks have been proven to decrease the spread of germs, it’s for the best to encourage our children to wear them. With our youngest students, normalizing it through stories and creative outlets is a very smart way to combat anxiety and fear.

Who wouldn’t want health, safety and comfort as a priority for the school their child or grandchild attends?

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