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Grieving mother stayed next to her beloved daughter’s body for days after her death, alone in an empty house


Oct 7, 2020
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For Nicole Smith, her 11-year-old daughter meant everything to her and the two of them were described was “inseparable.” Unfortunately, Nicole’s entire world came crashing down one day, when she found her beloved daughter, Sophie, dead in the house.

Nobody was aware about Nicole having just found out that her daughter died, not even Sophie’s father, Edward. The usually flies in and out as part of his job and while he was away, he started worrying when he didn’t hear from the mother and daughter for a few days. He got in touch with his neighbors so that they could go check on them, according to The Sun.

One of their neighbors soon went to the house to see if everything was alright and that was when Nicole was found, lying beside her daughter’s dead body. The heartbroken mother had spent several days beside the daughter’s corpse and even had injuries on her body.

Investigators who looked into the case believed that the young girl’s death was “non-suspicious” while the mother’s injuries were believed to be inflicted upon her by herself.

When the police arrived, they were told by the neighbors that Nicole was alone in the family house, located in Queensland, Australia with her daughter’s body for “number of days” before they checked on her. Even Sophie’s school had tried to get in touch with the family after they noticed that the young girl was not in any of her classes for several days.

After being found, Nicole was taken to the hospital so that her injuries could be treated. But those who knew Nicole could tell that the pain of losing her daughter would be immense. “(Nicole) is such a beautiful mum, I can’t imagine her without her daughter,” a family friend told the Courier-Mail, as quoted by news.com.au. “Her whole world was Sophie, her life is her daughter. She is a charitable, lovely lady.”

There were others who also shared in the grief of losing Sophie at such a young age. Juss Mortensen was quoted saying, “I am heartbroken for you, as my kids are for the loss of their friend. Sophie will never be forgotten and is missed terribly. God be with you and your family.”

Another message by Kerri Vidler said, “I knew Sophie, she was a beautiful, loving and caring young girl, so happy and bouncy. The Unicorn girl and her mum Nicole and her were inseparable. It pains me so much to think what Mum, Dad and other family and close friends are going through. I just want them all to have something they don’t need to worry about and by donating it’s the only one thing I can do for them. RIP Sophie, fly high with the angels.”

Source: GoFundMe

Investigations into the incident were carried out and Cleveland Detective Inspector Owen Elloy revealed that there was no reason to suspect any foul play in Sophie’s death. The inspector said, “Obviously, it’s a very sad event, and it’s not something at this point in time we believe is suspicious.”

As the news of Sophie’s death spread, members of the community decided to set up a GoFundMe page to raise some funds for the family to help them through this difficult time. According to news.com.au, the fundraising page said about the beloved girl, “Sophie was a beautiful, gentle, kind soul and very much loved. At only 11 years old, heaven has gained an angel. She was bright and bubbly, loved her family and adored her dog Daisy.”

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