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Guy Fired After Woman Exposes The Horrible Things He Said To Her After She Rejected Him On Tinder


Oct 3, 2020
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Anybody who has been on a dating app knows they can be cesspools.  But sometimes, the folks on them cross the line further than anybody thought possible.

An Australian man named Thomas McGuirk crossed the line beyond conception when he threw fatphobic slurs at Ebonie Sanderson over a series of messages and voice memos.

You can swipe through Sanderson’s Instagram post below to get an idea of the things he said to her.

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⚠️ WARNING: CYBER BULLYING, HARASSMENT, SEXISM, FATPHOBIA AND MISOGYNISTIC BEHAVIOUR ALERT!!! ***UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE 1. An email from Tom’s CEO has been received confirming that he has been fired, effective immediately. The CEO did the right thing and acted quickly, so I kindly ask you to stop emailing them. ***2. WARNING there are now well over 20 women that have come forward and shared their similar experience/encounters of abuse and harassment from Tom. My dm’s are a safe place if this is also you. This is what happens when you say NO or call out a man for being disrespectful!!! You apparently earn yourself the right to get verbally abused and fat shamed on more than one platform. No I didn’t “ask for it” and yes, I’m entitled to change my mind and tell someone I’m not interested anymore because I feel uncomfortable and intimidated by ones aggressive and forceful nature. The worst part about this attack, is the fact that I felt the need to be nice when turning him down, telling him he’s good looking and will find someone else for the night and then apologising for feeling uncomfortable!!!! THAT IS A BIG PROBLEM If anyone comes across this man on dating apps or social media, please report him. I managed to video call and he answered and appeared to in fact be this very man in the picture… “Tom”. All I can say is what a privileged misogynistic PIG. I will never change my weight for anyone else but MYSELF!!!

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Other women also began coming out against McGuirk, saying that upon any rejection he became immediately abusive.

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Firstly, thank you all so much for the overwhelming amount of support and beautiful messages that I have received. I can’t even come close to expressing just how grateful I am to have this many people respond in such a positive and progressive way! This is proof of how social media can be used for good and I thank you all for sharing. This post went viral for a reason, thousands of women unfortunately resonated with this kind of outrageous behaviour and it’s about time we bring this conversation to the forefront. Posting my personal story was not a decision I took lightly, but I’m f***ing glad I publicly shared this and was able to be heard all over the world. If this inspires/encourages a few girls to speak up, call out or start a conversation then I think it’s worth it. To the women that have reached out and shared their story, I thank you for being vulnerable and talking about something that definitely isn’t one bit easy. You are all incredible and I feel so privileged that you were able to trust and confide in me. You DO NOT have to tolerate this kind of behaviour, us women often cater for this bullshit far too often, but you are worth so much more than that!!! Remember…… consent is not set in stone, consent is fluid, you ALWAYS have the right to say no or change your mind at any point in time. This is such an important message!!! It’s 2020, grow up and stop fat shaming, slut shaming, bullying and acting like entitled pigs.

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McGuirk’s repeated behavior is so repulsive, that he was fired from his IT position in Bondi, just outside of Sydney.

https://t.co/emfDGBykRp this is honestly scary! could see him hurting someone!

— Sue Grace (@suemcco11) October 1, 2020

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