Heroic cop drags a woman out by her arms from an overturned car engulfed in flames, saving her life


The modest officer didn’t even tell his colleagues about the magnitude of the situation. They only found out after a supervisor saw the body camera footage.

When a police officer realized that a woman’s life depended solely on him, he sprung into action and saved her, making his colleagues at the City of Davis Police Department “extra proud” of him that day.

It was at night on October 17, 2020 when the officer, Corporal Pheng Ly arrived at the spot where a car laid overturned in the area of eastbound Interstate 80 near Kidwell Road, California.

“I heard on the scanner through the CHP channel that there was an overturned vehicle, which was on fire,” Ly told FOX40.

With the nearest California Highway Patrol officer at least half an hour away, Ly decided to get to the spot himself as he was not too far away. Once he got to the spot, the officer found the car engulfed in flames. Realizing that there was a woman still trapped inside the vehicle, Ly ran towards the flames without a moment’s hesitation.

“I realized that her life was 100% dependent upon me and my actions, and I said to myself, I was not going to fail this woman and I was going to get her out of that car no matter what,” the officer told KCRA 3.

His body camera footage captured the moment where he pulled the woman out to safety. The City of Davis Police Department wrote in a Facebook post. “Corporal Ly ran towards the vehicle and found that a person was trapped inside. As the flames grew, Corporal Ly extracted a female from inside the vehicle and moved her to safety. Minutes after the rescue, the vehicle became completely engulfed in flames.”

The unidentified woman was taken to the hospital after being saved just in time. She was later arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence.

If it weren’t for the officer, the woman may not have survived. “I was in the right place at the right time, really, to help out in the situation,” Ly told KCRA 3. “I’m glad I was there. Had I not been there, I don’t know what would have happened.”

him as a modest man who is dedicated to his job. They did not even realize the magnitude of the incident because Ly didn’t mention anything about it to his colleagues. It was only after a supervisor went through the body camera footage when the officers realized the importance of Ly’s heroic actions that day.

Cpl. Pheng Ly being interviewed via Zoom by NBC Nightly News for tonight’s show regarding his heroic actions on Saturday night. Will you be watching with us?

Posted by City of Davis Police Department on Thursday, October 22, 2020

Davis Police Department Deputy Chief Paul Doroshov told FOX40, “That’s just the kind of guy that he is. I mean, he does this, he truly has a deep heart and love for it, and I’m not surprised at all.”

“Had she not been out of there within moments, that car’s fully engulfed, I believe she would’ve been deceased,” said the deputy chief, who also mentioned that Ly would most likely be receiving a life-saving award for rescuing the woman.

The City of Davis Police Department also said in their Facebook post, “Thank you, Corporal Ly for running into danger to save a life. We are a little extra proud today.”

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