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Hospital Suggests That Couple Abandon Their Baby Because He Had Birthmarks On 80 Percent Of His Body


Sep 22, 2020
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The proud parents of a beautiful baby boy born with birthmarks that cover 80 percent of his little body were absolutely stunned and outraged after doctors offered to allow them to abandon their child at the hospital if they did not wish to keep him. Artyom Petrosyan had been born with nevus birthmarks, which meant the child had raised oval, black packages of skin all over his body. Plus, he would require surgery to correct spina bifida, a condition that happens when a child’s “spine and spinal cord don’t form properly,” according to Mayo Clinic. The birthmarks indicated that the child’s body was having difficulty making melanin, and this also brought the risk that the child’s patches could turn cancerous as he gets older, according to The Sun.

The child’s parents, mother Petrosyan, age 26, and his father Taron, age 28, were absolutely frightened after the doctor informed them of Artyom’s health issues and warned about the uncertainty of the child’s lifespan due to his high risk of developing cancer later on in life. But this was nothing compared to the disgust they felt when doctors presented the couple from the small village of Yerevan, Armenia, the option to live Aytrom behind if they did not want to take care of him.

“We only found out about Artyom’s nevus birthmarks when he was born. I was completely shocked,” recalled Mariam.

“The doctors had never seen nevus marks like Artyom’s before and they soon realised he also had spina bifida. It was all such a blur. They took him away for a ninety-minute surgery to correct his spine and it took five days of recovery before we could properly see him again,” said the mom. The pair claims that doctors told them they didn’t have to take the kid home after his birth. “I remember them sitting us down. Artyom hadn’t opened his eyes yet and they told us he might never open them due to the nevus birthmarks in that area,” said Mariam. “They also said they didn’t know how long he’d live for and that if we wanted to, we could refuse to bring him home because taking care of him would be too hard – we didn’t listen.”

There was simply no way these loving parents were about to abandon their precious son.

“Me and my husband finally got to walk into Artyom’s ward. I was nervous. My husband called Artyom’s name and we saw him stir – then I called his name and he opened his eyes,” remembered Mariam. Furthermore, she shared how Artyom’s brothers 3-year-old Narek and 2-year-old Artur asked their mother why he “had chocolate dabbed on his face.” After Mariam explained Artyom’s condition to his brother, they have become protective of their tiny sibling. While the toddler is stared at occasionally, many have regarded him as “a gift from God,” shared Mariam. “Most people are shocked when they see Artyom – some smile at him. Someone also told me he was a gift from God,” she continued.

While the child’s birthmarks can be surgically removed, cases in which a child’s body is covered at the degree of Artyom is very rare. The child also has nevus birthmarks on his brain, which sadly causes him to have seizures. Artyom’s parents said that folks on social media had helped them quite a bit during this hard time as they are sharing their son’s story with the world.

 “Social media has become so important to us because Artyom has helped us and others feel less alone. We can share his story and connect with people who are going through similar things,” she said. “I hope to show that people like Artyom are unique and beautiful. Birthmarks shouldn’t be hidden in shame. We must accept that beauty comes in different shapes and forms and we must never change that.”

You can also follow this sweet little boy’s story by following his Instagram account.

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