Husband plotted to murder the mother of his three kids and use her life insurance money to marry another woman


The husband planned to make the murder look like an accident, but someone tipped off the police.

In the month of June this year, Theresa Michaels from Arizona was ready to leave for a weekend trip to California with her husband of 8 years and their three children. Fortunately, the trip never went as planned because if it had, Theresa might not have returned home alive. She was stopped just in time by six detectives, who showed up at her front door to inform her that her husband had planned to kill her during the trip.

“…They informed me that my husband was plotting to kill me. He was planning it for a long time and I was completely, completely floored,” Theresa told Arizona’s Family

Planning to make his wife’s death look like an accident, the ruthless husband, Dallas Michaels, wanted to poison Theresa with fentanyl so that he could cash out her life insurance policy. After making Theresa’s death look like an accidental overdose, Dallas had planned to take the money and marry another woman, with whom Dallas had been having a long-term affair.

“This is the worst kind of betrayal,” Theresa said. “He was so desperate to get me out of the picture.”

Dallas and the woman with whom he had the affair were reportedly engaged. However, the woman later said that she did not even know about Dallas already being married.

“She says that he lied to her, just like he lied to me,” said Theresa, who now knows the woman.

Dallas’s plan to murder his wife was leaked to the Mesa Police detectives by an unidentified female. The female said “Dallas had talked to her about it several times in the past 6 months and he wanted to kill his wife because he was engaged in a long term affair and wanted to collect money on her life insurance policy,” said a statement from the police of Mesa, Arizona. “She explained he wanted her to obtain fentanyl which he could use to poison her drink.”

The detectives were also shown text messages exchanged between Dallas and the female, where he confirmed he was going on a family trip and would be killing his wife then. But before Dallas could execute the plan, his wife found out about the plot, and the man was arrested.

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