• Thu. Jan 21st, 2021

Is Sleeping Lady Mountain Photo Of Mount Alaska Real Or Fake? Fact Check

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Recently, a photo of a mountain has gone viral on social media. In the photograph, the mountain range has got the shape of a sleeping lady. It is being claimed that it is the picture of the mountain in Alaska. The click has said to be taken by a person from the Aircraft. Let’s go through the story and verify if the claim made is true or false.

Claim: Photo of Alaska’s ‘The Sleeping lady’ mountain is real and captured from an Aircraft. [Archived version is here]

Fact: The sleeping lady shaped mountain seen in the recent viral photograph is a digitally created version of Alaska’s Mount Susitna aka The Sleeping Lady mountain. It is a creation of Jean-Michel Bihorel who is a digital artist. Therefore, it is clear that claim made is FALSE.

On our end, we did the reverse image search. While searching, we found a similar photo on the Behance website. The above digital artist had shared the same photo in the collection of the ‘Winter Sleep’ album. Also, a video featuring the same was found on the YouTube channel of the said artist – Jean Michel Bihorel.

We investigated the same for more information and ended up finding the same image in the official portfolio of Jean Michel Bihorel. It was one of the photographs inside the album named ‘Winter Sleep.’ A social media website called Art Station has shared the same giving credits to Jean-Michel Bihorel.

Bihorel is not a new name in the digital world. He is famously known for creating such digital images. In his collection of Winter Sleep, he has published the same picture of Alaska’s Mount Susitna giving the title as The Sleeping Lady mountain.

In the end, we can safely say that it is not an amazing picture clicked from an aircraft rather it’s a digitally created photo of The Sleeping Lady Mountain in Alaska.

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