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Judge denies more time on life support in Baby Nick case, family lawyers to file emergency appeal


Oct 5, 2020
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HOUSTON – On Friday afternoon, Judge Donna Roth ruled that she has denied a temporary injunction to allow more time for baby Nick to recover. 

During her ruling, she became emotional while speaking to the Torres family during a Zoom meeting, saying, “I am a mother. My heart goes out to you.”

She ruled the family has until Monday at noon to file another order. If not, she said, while her voice quivered, Texas Children’s Hospital, “can do what it needs to do.”

On Friday evening, the lawyers representing the Torres family said they will be filing an emergency appeal before noon on Monday. 

The judgment Friday was made after an order that was filed on Wednesday after baby Nick was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital in the Woodlands, where he was placed in the intensive care unit. He was then transferred to Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. 

The order stated that the hospital and medical staff told the family that there is nothing else that could be done to save their child and that they must disconnect the baby from any and all life support systems, even though the baby had only been at the hospital for six days. 

The parents of baby Nick said in the court documents they believe their child has a chance to survive this emergency, see encouraging signs, and hold hope that a miracle will happen and simply need time. 

The order stated the parents believe that hospital staff is simply rushed to make a decision, without following proper legal safeguards and procedures required under the law. 

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