Kitten With Rare Two-Toned Face Is Rescued After Being Abandoned at Construction Site


Meet Apricot, the adorable Tennessee-based rescue kitten with a two-toned face. Apricot’s striking face is half ginger tabby, half tortoiseshell. She looks like two cats merged into one, and in fact, that’s exactly what she is. Apricot is a rare chimera cat, which means she was born with two sets of DNA. She’s the result of two embryos fusing together inside her mother’s womb. In other words, Apricot is technically two fraternal twins combined into one individual cat.

Apricot and her brother Pretzel were discovered at a construction site, but were luckily rescued by Nashville Cat Rescue and brought to live temporarily with professional cat caretaker Kiki. “A family had just moved into their home when they found little kittens in a wall,” Kiki tells My Modern Met. “They waited for mom for some time, but she didn’t show for hours, so they reached out to Nashville Cat Rescue who then gave me their contact info as I have nursing mommas!”

Both kittens were accepted by “mama duo” Olive and Pickle, two inseparable female cats who recently both gave birth to their own litters. Despite having their own young to care for, both mama cats showed no hesitation when welcoming Apricot and Pretzel into their blended family. Olive and Pickle will continue to nurse Apricot and her littermates until they’re strong and healthy.

With her unusual markings, Apricot will have no problem finding a loving family, but she won’t be ready for adoption for around five to seven weeks. “Apricot and her family are NOT currently available for adoption,” says Nashville Cat Rescue. “They need lots of growing, weaning, and veterinary work first.”

Check out photos of Apricot below and keep an eye on Kiki’s Instagram for more updates.

This is Apricot, a tiny rescue kitten with a two-toned face.

Apricot is a rare chimera cat, which means she was born with two sets of DNA.

She and her brother Pretzel were rescued from a construction site.

She’s now being cared for by foster pet parent Kiki.

Kiki: Instagram
Nashville Cat Rescue: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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