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Man Beats Pregnant Girlfriend To Death In Front Of Her Son, Asks Him To Not Wake Her Up


Sep 25, 2020
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A man beat his pregnant girlfriend to death and left her to die beside her 8-year-old son and asked him not to wake her as he exited the house. Police in Houston are on the lookout for Armando Rojas-Mendez, 23, after he pummeled his partner Ashley M. Garcia, 27, to death and fled the scene, reportsĀ KHOU. When police arrived at the apartment in the 5500 block of De Soto Street in Houston, they found the woman with severe injuries and pronounced her dead. The victim’s family has revealed that the mother of three was seven weeks pregnant with a child when she died. Her young son meanwhile told cops that he saw Rojas-Mendez beating her mom with his steel-toe work boots on Friday night, as per court documents.

šŸ’” RIP, Ashley Garcia šŸ’” | This young mother was pregnant when police said her 23-year-old boyfriend, Alexis Armando…

Posted by KHOU 11 News on Thursday, September 24, 2020

The next morning, the boy reportedly called his neighbors to help him wake her mother and they alerted the police after they were greeted by a gruesome crime scene. When investigators arrived, they reportedly found blood spatters on the floors and the walls and also found that the victim was inflicted with severe blunt force trauma to her head and body. Police said the woman had been dead several hours before they even arrived at the scene. Authorities have already identified Rojas-Mendez as a prime suspect but are yet to find him as he reportedly fled the scene of the crime. As per records, the perpetrator contacted his sisters after the attack and asked to borrow money for an “out-of-town job.” The court documents obtained by KHOU state that the sisters didn’t offer any financial help but said he sounded “stressed out” on the call.

Garcia’s family which is devastated by the murder said a funeral will be held on Thursday. According toĀ EyeWitnessNews, the 27-year-old leaves behind three children: Camila, Luis, and Billy. People on social media were distraught by the news. Linda Cotton-Hambrick wrote: “Makes me sick I hope he gets what he deserves. May she rest in peace.” Shiela Johnson added: “That little boy is gonna wonder why he couldn’t save his momma.” In aĀ similar story, a mother was shot by her ex-husband just outside his apartment in Washington on August 8Ā  when she went to pick up her kids. This was after she had told her family and friends that he had been threatening her. On the day she went to his place, she had reportedly approached the police to escort her to the apartment, reportsĀ Buzzfeed News. They, however, refused to intervene citing it as a “matter of family law”. Mary Schaffer and Nathan Beal, 35, were in contact with each other over their kids. Their relationship was less than cordial following their divorce and a bitter custody battle, which Schaffer won. Despite Schaffer telling the court about not feeling safe living in the same state as Beal and applying for a permit to leave and move to Oregon, Beal was allowed to take the kids during the summer months.

This time, Schaffer had rented a car to go to Spokane to pick up her two kids – she had agreed on meeting her ex-husband in a public setting outside his home. Her boyfriend was also supposed to accompany her but had to pull out because he was called in for work. She was in regular touch with him over messages in case something untoward takes place. She also sent him a picture of the rental car and the license plate. At the same time, she sent a message to her sibling about being outside Beal’s apartment around the afternoon of August 8. Then, she just went “all quiet”, according to Jamie Adell, a family friend. “The last time a custody exchange happened, he had threatened (Schaffer). She was very nervous, she felt like he might attack her,” Adell added.

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