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Man humiliates pregnant wife for having morning sickness, calls her “disgusting” and makes her sleep on the floor


Oct 26, 2020
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The husband called her overdramatic. He said his sister’s husband and their children lost their appetite because of her morning sickness.

One mom-to-be took to social media to talk about how her husband was making her pregnancy a nightmare. In a Reddit post that was taken down, the woman described the actions of her insensitive partner. 

The 26-year-old woman realized she was pregnant after just three months of getting married to her 33-year-old partner. The woman claimed her pregnancy was hard and stated her morning sickness left her feeling tired and nauseous throughout the day.

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However, her uncaring husband did not empathize with any of her difficulties. 

“I’m having a difficult pregnancy this is my first time and it’s hard. I have been feeling so much stress lately and morning sickness is the worst, I feel nauseous and tired all the time, his perfume upsets me, but he’d say that I’m overreacting and being overdramatic,” wrote the woman, according to Cafe Mom

Further, she told readers that her husband went to his parents’ house every weekend. However, he did not like the idea of them visiting her parents. Her partner claimed that her “parents make him feel uncomfortable.”

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If this wasn’t enough, the helpless woman narrated an incident that showed the true colors of her partner. One weekend, while they were at his parents’ house, the heartless man made his pregnant wife sleep on the floor to make space for other family members. “Last weekend we were at his parents’ house, we spent two nights there. He had me sleep on the floor as they had other family member visiting and the guest room was taken,” wrote the woman, according to Cafe Mom. 

Though she complained and told him she was uncomfortable, he was adamant about staying at his parents’ house. Recalling the incident, she wrote, “I told him I wasn’t feeling comfortable and wanted to go sleep at my house but he told me that it wasn’t appropriate for us to leave all of a sudden.”

The next morning, the woman experienced morning sickness. She wanted to use the bathroom and informed her husband about it. However, instead of taking her to the bathroom, he told her to “hold it” as his sister’s kids were brushing their teeth at the time. Unable to do anything, she stood there feeling sick and uneasy. 

Luckily, her mother-in-law who came to inform her about their breakfast asked her if she was alright. When she informed her of the situation, the mother-in-law rushed the kids out of the bathroom immediately. “I was sick and I had a horrible headache, my mother-in-law came to tell us breakfast was ready and asked what was wrong. I told her I needed the bathroom, she went to hurry the kids up and called me to let me know that I can go,” she wrote. 

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However, when she came out, she saw her husband staring at her as if she had done something wrong. Soon, he spilled the shocking reasons behind his look. He scolded her for making  “disgusting” sounds inside the bathroom and “embarrassing him in front of his family.” Apparently, his sister’s husband and their children lost their appetite after hearing those sounds. 

The woman was stunned. She told him she had no control over her morning sickness. “I was shocked I told him that I deal with this every morning and that I had no control over it so he should stop being mean to me about it,” wrote the pregnant woman. 

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But none of her explanations made any sense to him. The argument blew up, and the enraged woman demanded him to take her home. The husband refused to leave and said he wanted to have the breakfast that was specially made for them. In addition, he called her “overdramatic.”

Having to deal with enough insults and mean comments, the woman packed her bags and told her mother-in-law she was leaving. She waited in the car until her husband finished his breakfast.  She wrote, “I waited in the car till he was done with breakfast then we argued in the car again. He dropped me off and left, I called my mom and I was crying because of his argument with me, he got angry that I vented to my mom and said that I was being too sensitive.”

The woman asked readers if she was to be blamed for getting mad at her husband in front of his family. The readers supported her and pointed out it was her husband who was being mean and insensitive.

One user didn’t mince any words as they said, “Are you kidding? You’re PREGNANT and he made you sleep on the floor? And berated you for having morning sickness? OP, these are not the actions of a kind or compassionate husband. I’m also concerned he doesn’t ‘allow’ you to see your family. There’s a lot of red flags here, I’m not a professional but your husband should probably see one, and perhaps you should go to have a safe place to speak and explore your options moving forward. How he is treating you is not okay.”

Another correctly pointed out that the man was showing all signs of emotional abuse and said, “He also wears perfume/cologne that makes her more nauseous, and he refuses to stop because he thinks that she’s being melodramatic. Then there’s the whole massive red flag that is him being angry that she reached out to her own family to talk about how he’s treating her. It really sounds like he wants her cut off from her support system.
It’s very worrying to me that they just got married and she just got pregnant and that he’s already gotten this bad. This really sounds like an emotionally abusive marriage, and it’s very common for abusers to start showing their true colors after they’ve locked someone down through things like marriage and pregnancy. OP should call her parents back while he can’t hear and go to stay with them.”

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