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Mom of toddler who went missing 29 yrs ago pleads with cops to continue the search: “For God sake, help me find him”


Oct 24, 2020
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Kerry Needham is appalled by the lack of funding her son’s case received. However, she is not willing to give up her fight to find her boy.

Kerry Needham has been waiting for her son, Ben Needham, since he went missing in 1991. Recently, she pleaded with the police to keep searching for her boy after she was inspired by the recent developments in the case of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance. 

According to Mirror Online, the heartbroken mother stated, “I feel like Ben has been forgotten. I am pleased for the McCann family that their loss is taken seriously. But I feel hurt they don’t think my son is worth hunting for.”

Kerry lost Ben when he was just 21 months old. The toddler from Sheffield was playing near his family’s home on the Greek island of Kos when he suddenly disappeared. According to The Sun, Kerry and the child’s grandparents immediately alerted the local police. Though searches were conducted right away, the authorities could not find the boy. Despite the repeated pleas from the family, the investigation ran cold in 2016. 

In 2016, Kerry and her family were asked to prepare for the worst. Authorities informed them that the boy was “most likely” dead. According to BBC, the officials found an item that was in Ben’s possession at the time of his missing. The police further concluded he might have been accidentally killed by the digger driver, Konstantinos Barkas. 

“My team and I know that machinery, including a large digger, was used to clear an area of land on 24 July 1991, behind the farmhouse that was being renovated by the Needhams. It is my professional belief that Ben Needham died as a result of an accident near the farmhouse in Iraklis where he was last seen playing,” said Officer Jon Cousins at the time, according to BBC News. With Barkas already dead, the officials closed the case. 

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Kerry’s new statement came after McCann’s case received more funding despite the authorities claiming McCann was dead. The devastated mother expressed her disappointment in the lack of funds provided for her son’s investigation.

The South Yorkshire Police only spent under $1.3 million for Ben’s case while McCann’s case received a funding of about $15 million. “Police tell us Ben was killed in an accident and it feels as if that’s the end of it. But it can’t be. The German police think Madeleine has died but more funding has been given. How can that be fair?” said the mother, according to Mirror Online. 

She urged the police to conduct a forensic search of a compound that once belonged to Barkas who supposedly killed Ben in an accident. Meanwhile, the South Yorkshire Police stated that they haven’t received any new funding for Ben’s case as the investigations halted in 2016. They stated, “Should any new lines come to light, we may explore the need to apply for funding.”

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Kerry, on the other hand, was never convinced about the closing of the case. “They know he’s dead but just can’t find him. Police said it’s time we ended our 25-year search. They are right but I can’t say goodbye knowing he’s still on that island somewhere. I feel physically sick. I can’t feel any worse than I do,” said the mother in 2016, according to BBC. She added, “Someone knows where he is. For God’s sake, help me find him. We know he’s dead but we need to find him. When someone dies you find a special place.”

In a recent post on Find Ben Needham Facebook page, the family stated, “We will NEVER give up. Please help us. Someone knows. Please share.” The heartbroken mother also thanked people who reached out to her and consoled her with their kind words. 

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