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Mother who drowned her own two babies out of greed told husband that their organs will be “worth a lot of money”


Nov 29, 2020
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The mother claimed that she happened to find the dead bodies in her apartment but instead of calling someone, she went for a shower.

Trigger warning: contains graphic details that may be distressing to some.

A woman named Amanda Sharp-Jefferson, 26, denied ever knowing two little girls, 1-year-old Rose and 2-month-old Lily, even after their dead bodies were found inside her apartment near Desert Inn Road and Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas.

According to her unusual statement to the police, Amanda said she woke up on the morning of November 6 and walked into her living room to find the bodies of the two girls inside her apartment. She claimed to live alone, however, her house was filled with things that belonged to children, including toys and strollers. But Amanda claimed that somebody tried to frame her and planted the children’s items in her apartment to “set her up for the death of the two children, who were not hers,” said the arrest reported, according to FOX5 Las Vegas.

As she gave the police her version of the story, Amanda also said that she didn’t call anyone after finding the two bodies in her house. Instead, she went to take a shower because she “likes showers,” as reported by the Daily Mail.

Apart from Amanda’s bizarre claims, her story also did not match the account that was given by Jaykwon Singleton, the man who made the 911 call to the cops, and who also revealed that the girls were, in fact, the two daughters he had with Amanda.

On November 6, when Jaykwon returned home, he was startled to find his two daughters stacked up on top of each other in a bassinet. When he asked Amanda what happened, she reportedly shushed him.

Upon inspection, Jaykwon realized that his two girls were not breathing and their bodies were cold. “[Sharp-Jefferson] kept shushing him and at one point, made a statement that their organs were worth a lot of money,” the arrest report said, according to FOX5 Las Vegas.

Believing that Amanda drowned them, Jaykwon immediately called 911 to inform the police. “She drowned them… I feel like their mom drowned them or something,” Jaykwon was heard saying during the call.

Following the girls being pronounced dead by medical professionals, Amanda was once again heard talking about how much her daughters’ organs would be worth if they were sold.

Amanda was arrested on the scene and while being questioned, she denied knowing Jaykwon and claimed to have been living alone in the apartment. However, Jaykwon said that they had been in a relationship since 2018 and that Rose and Lily were their daughters.

Their relationship was perfectly fine until a few weeks before Jaykwon found their daughters dead. He claimed that Amanda “started talking about the altar spirit world making allegations that he was cheating with his spirit wife,” as quoted by the Daily Mail.

When Jaykwon went to visit his grandmother on November 5, he felt that Amanda seemed “fine” and there was nothing that suggested she would end up taking the lives of their baby girls.

Officials went on to investigate the case and are yet to determine the exact cause of death for the two girls.

Although Amanda denied knowing her own daughters, she was asked by officers about her comments on donating the children’s organs, to which she replied she “saw a movie where people made money on body parts after a person died,” as per FOX5 Las Vegas. She was denied bail and court proceedings are underway.

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