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My surprise baby wasn’t a lockdown tummy at all


Sep 4, 2020
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A NEW mum has given birth to a surprise 9lb 7oz baby — after blaming lockdown snacking for her weight gain.

Tasha Davies, 28, had healthy son Alexander Isaac Gohan Hern on Tuesday night after being rushed to Wigan Infirmary.

She and partner Martin Hern had no idea what was causing her severe stomach pains — until nurses revealed she was 41 weeks pregnant.

Tasha, who gave birth an hour later, said: ‘It was just such a mixture of shock and surprise. About 24 hours before he came, my belly became really bloated. By then I was getting severe stomach pains and hadn’t passed water for 24 hours so we thought something was really wrong.’

The paralegal added: ‘I’ve been working really long hours from home during lockdown, have been snacking a lot and haven’t been going to the gym or doing any real exercise at all.

‘I just put the extra weight down to that. I didn’t have any morning sickness and had no symptoms at all.’

The couple, who have been together three years, had bought a house together in Wigan, Lancashire, on Friday — never dreaming it would soon be a family home.

Martin, 29, said: ‘I went to bed that night thinking I was going to pick up a washer-dryer. Instead I went to hospital to find out I was having a baby boy.’

He added: ‘Tasha has been brilliant — she’s absolutely great with him. We can’t wait to get home now to start our lives as a new, little family of three.’

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