Neighbors hear barking inside empty house then find dogs trapped & left to die


How anyone could have the heart to abandon an animal is beyond us.

Anything is better – taking it to a shelter, giving it to a more caring and generous family member, or accepting that, as your pet’s rightful owner, it’s your job to look after the animal throughout its entire life.

Unfortunately, there are still heartless owners out there who seem to think the only solution is abandonment.

In the case of this story, two pit bulls were abandoned in an empty house – and one of them was caged up, so it had not one single chance of escape.

It’s obvious that the family who had left the dogs behind intended for them to die. The house, having been empty for a while, was filthy, and there was no food in sight.

The pittie that could roam freely had no way to help her caged brother, and both dogs were malnourished.

Thankfully, a neighbor heard dogs barking in the house – a shout for help that was miraculously responded to.

Somebody called the police, and Frankie Florida of Guardians of Rescue was enlisted to rescue the dogs. He filmed the scenes he found in the home, after stopping to feed the free pup, and shared it to Facebook.

Both dogs were clearly over the moon to have some human contact again. The free pittie was wagging her tail, and the caged pup barked excitedly.

In the video’s caption, Frankie wrote:

“We got a call today about 2 dogs left behind in an abandoned house. When we got there this is what we saw ….the living conditions were terrible and the dogs were living in filth! All alone just waiting…and waiting.”

The rescued dogs were taken from the old house and have been named Max and Sky. Both are now in foster homes, waiting to be adopted by a much more loving owner than who left them behind.

The good news is that both Sky and Max are in great health, and were able to recover from their malnourishment.

Frankie has been sharing photos of the dogs to Facebook, and they look like they’re living a much happier life than they were when they were first found.

It was all thanks to the neighbors who had heard the dogs’ barking that they are alive today – but there never should have been a situation like this to begin with.

The two pups have been given a new lease of life, and sadly, that isn’t a fate that all abandoned dogs can hope for.

Dogs rely on their humans for everything – food, socialization, exercise. Abandoning a dog is almost as awful as killing it on the spot.

Many people don’t realize the challenges of adopting a dog, and it’s not something that should be taken lightly.

Dogs are fun, excitable spirits to have around your home, but they take some hard work to look after.

Nobody knows for sure who abandoned the pitties way back when, but hopefully they stay well away from dogs in the future.

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