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Newborn barely 2 days old found abandoned in plastic bag with a rusty knife sticking out of the infant’s back


Sep 17, 2020
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Trigger warning: contains details that may be distressing to some.

Despite going through the most horrifying circumstances, a newborn baby is expected to survive the dangerous conditions that she experienced right after she was born.

After being abandoned by her mother, the infant was found by a gym instructor in Posadas, Argentina. 31-year-old Diego Sebastian Penayo found the baby wrapped in a plastic bag and covered with a blanket; however, what was more shocking was that there was a knife stuck in the baby’s back. Even though there were knife wounds on the baby’s body and the rusty blade was protruding from her back, the infant showed vital signs as she was wailing for help when Diego was walking by, reported the news website, Clarin, according to The Sun.

After Diego took the baby to the police station, the little one was rushed to the Pediatric Hospital Dr. Fernando Barreyro so that doctors could ensure the baby was not in immediate danger.

Newborn Baby Girl Found Inside A Bin Bag With A Knife Sticking Out Of Her BackPosted by Samuel on Sun 13th Sep, 2020 -…

Posted by Ekundayo Olanrewaju on Sunday, September 13, 2020

According to the Daily Mail, the mother “gave birth and left Hospital Dr. Ramon Madariaga Treble to go to a nearby street, where she abandoned the newborn girl,” the police told Clarin.

Although the infant had to go through brutal circumstances for no fault of her own, she is now stable and will hopefully be on her way to a better life soon.

A statement was given to the newspaper, Cronica by David Halac on behalf of the hospital where Esperanza is being treated. David Halac revealed that the rusty knife was manufactured by the brand, Tramontina. This knife, which was stuck in the baby’s back, was the same one that was used to inflict the other injuries that the baby suffered.

David Halac added, “The baby is currently stable and we believe that she will survive.”

In another incident that took place in China, a baby boy survived unbelievable circumstances after being abandoned in a cemetery. The little one was discovered when a woman paid a visit to the cemetery and heard the baby’s cries, reported Gxnews.com.cn, according to South China Morning Post.

Frightened to hear the cries, the woman felt like the sound was coming from underground and she left the cemetery to get help. A 75-year-old man later went to find the child and found that the newborn was not only abandoned but also partially buried inside the ground. When the police arrived, they dug a little bit to find a cardboard box with the crying baby inside.

Investigators were able to find the baby’s parents, who committed the heinous act and they even confessed that they had the baby partially buried with the help of some relatives. It is believed that the air circulation and the rainwater were the reasons why the baby was able to survive such harsh conditions.

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