Off-duty nurse killed in hit and run after stopping to save the life of passenger in crashed car – rest in peace


An off-duty nurse who stopped to help someone at the scene of a rollover crash in Pawtucket, Rhode Island on Sunday was hit and killed by a man who then sped off, fleeing the scene.

As per reports, troopers were called to a crash on Route 95 north at around 1:45 a.m. They were told that a red-colored vehicle had struck a nurse who stopped to assist a passenger in a rolled over vehicle.

That nurse was 34-year-old, Jennifer Toscano, who police say was pronounced dead at the scene.

As per reports, a family friend of Jennifer’s told how the nurse had a son who had recently lost his father as well.

The same friend relayed a statement issued by Jennifer’s family. It read:

“They just want everyone to know how much of a selfless person she was. How much of an amazing daughter, sister, mother and friend she was. Her son is left without his mother and best friend.”

The driver of the red vehicle, meanwhile, was 22-year-old Luis Baez of Jamaica Plain, Boston. He is alleged to have fled the scene after hitting Jennifer, before being apprehended by police a short time later.

Baez was charged with driving under the influence of liquor and or drugs, resulting in death, driving so as to endanger, resulting in death, leaving the scene of an accident, resulting in death, and operating on a suspended license, resulting in death.

The 22-year-old is scheduled to be arraigned today (Monday) in Providence District Court.

My heart goes out to Jennifer’s family at this tragic time. I can only imagine the pain and grief they’re going through.

The fact that people drink and drive, or drive under the influence of drugs, knowing full well the colossal consequences their actions could have, simply shocks and astounds me.

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