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One Piece Chapter 989 Release Date & Manga Spoilers: Zoro To Help Sanji In Fighting The King


Aug 30, 2020
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The release of chapter 989 of One Piece manga is just around the corner. The fans of OP must have been eagerly waiting for it to be dropped. It’s an unfortunate piece of news that it has been on a hiatus. However, it’s a week-long break to end soon.

It is on hold for a week due to coronavirus pandemic. As per the reports, One Piece 989 will be releasing on September 6, 2020, Sunday. It won’t release for one more week. So, we have around seven days more to go, as of writing this. But, that doesn’t stop the manga fans from predicting what’s going to happen in the imminent chapter.

One Piece Chapter 989 Release Date & Spoilers

In OP chapter 989, we will get to know how Sanji gets to recover from the attack of King. It will also be featured on how would he dodge and counter-attack his opponent in the battlefield. Sanji has already been in his powered-up Raid Suit filled with magical powers. He has got more technology and tricks to give an excellent fight to King.

However, there are still doubts among fans if Sanji would really be able to beat King with his leftover strength in the combat. But, some reports say he would be able to recover quickly in the upcoming chapter of One Piece.

The imminent chapter will focus on Zoro and how he helps Sanji in defeating King. The duo would be able to put pressure on King as they both are swordsmen. However, some fan theories are suggesting that it could be King vs Sanji and Zoro vs Queen. There is a lot of unconfirmed stuff as well.

As per the One Piece 989 spoilers, Mink leaders are likely to transform into Sulongs, Zoro will Sanji in defeating the King, Yamato, and Straw Hats will form a team. It is also being said that ever after turning out to be the ultimate winner, Kaido will still lose in the mainland.

Other predictions for OP 989 state that Luffy would fight Big Mom, the team of Mink and Samurai won’t turn out victorious against Kaido. We may also get to see the Mink leaders transforming in the upcoming chapters.

The breaks increased with the advent of coronavirus in Japan. As a precautionary measure, the Japanese government enforced strict protocols in an effort to slow down its spread. It directly affected almost all industries. The popular manga creator Eiichiro Oda seemed furious with the current situation but has said that he would continue to make new chapters while following all the quarantine protocols.

One Piece chapter 989 release date is 6th September 2020, Sunday. The OP Wano Arc has got intense with the fight between the Straw Hat Pirates alliance and the Beast Pirates.

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