Orphaned baby squirrel follows sweet Pitbull home and now they’re in love


A mother’s love is like no other, and we have one of the sweetest stories that describe this love perfectly.

This is a story about a Pitbull and her beautiful adopted baby squirrel.

Most people think of Pitbulls as dangerous and scary dogs and in some cases, they even react harshly to them.

It’s just sad to see how many people still think that these beautiful dogs aren’t deserving of the love and care that most dogs get.

Meet the beautiful Everly, a Pitbull who is friendly, gentle, and loving.

Though she’s always been a sweetie, what happened one day changed her life forever.

One day, Everly encountered an orphaned baby squirrel, and instantly her motherly instincts kicked in. Given her gentle nature, the first thing that she did was show kindness to the little orphaned squirrel right away.

Did you know that this breed was once referred to as “nanny dogs?”

According to PetHelful:

“Pitbull breeds are naturally strong, intelligent, and courageous. Their main goal is to please their owner. In the early 1900s, Pitbulls were given the title of ‘Nanny Dog’. They were known to be faithful, loving, and loyal, especially when it came to children.”

It was no surprise for anyone that Everly showed affection to the orphaned squirrel right away. She has the heart of a mother that is full of love and a willingness to nurture.

Morgan Joy Groves, Everly’s owner, wasn’t even shocked to see how her Pitbull approached the baby squirrel.

She knew how gentle Everly was and that she’ll never harm anyone.

The beautiful meeting happened when Morgan and Everly were doing their usual walk. Just then, they spotted a baby squirrel that seemed to be scared and all alone.

The baby squirrel was already an orphan, and it seemed that this baby knew Everly would be the perfect mommy that he needed.

The little squirrel followed them; he didn’t want to be left behind.

He was able to tag along until they got home. Once they did, Everly laid down to relax and the little orphaned squirrel seized the opportunity to build a connection with his potential “mom.”

He climbed on top of Everly, curled up and took a nap with her.

Everly didn’t do anything. Rather, she allowed the baby to rest while assuring him that she would be there once he woke up.

From that day on, Everly and the baby squirrel became mom and baby.

Just like any mom, Everly was very diligent with her baby. She would take care of him and showed him that she cared and was there to protect him.

She was able to give him the love and care that he needed, but as a mother, she wanted the best for her child even if this meant they would have to be apart.

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