People Are Sharing Photos of the Different Friendly Birds That Visit Their Windows


Being stuck in an office for 40 hours a week can get monotonous, so when a friend stops by, it can really make a day seem a whole lot brighter. You might think we mean human companions, but we’re talking about friends of the feathered variety. People are snapping photos of birds who ceremoniously perch on ledges outside their windows and say hello as they curiously peek inside.

Many folks go in search of beautiful birds, but the people who recorded these sightings saw them with little effort—they just sat at their desks. And for those living in North America, some of the bird spottings will seem exotic; in addition to owls and hawks, people have witnessed a toucan and even a pandemonium of parrots.

As you’d imagine, the people lucky enough to be visited by their bird friends keep the relationship alive by offering morsels for them to snack on. This makes it a win-win for both humans and fowl—the people get an up-close look at the graceful creatures while the birds munch on a tasty treat.

Check out the variety of birds saying hello, below. It just might inspire you to take up birdwatching!

Friendly birds from around the world are saying “hello” to office workers and homeowners.

Photo: msor504
Photo: guavava_guavava
Photo: diozo
Photo: mountainsky

Some are birds of prey…

Photo: Imerom
Photo: WillRogers9000
Photo: _InsertNameHere__
Photo: Sartorius723
Photo: BonesAndFlies

… while others appear with a smile on their face…

Photo: TeemoShop

… and some are beautiful exotic bird friends.

Photo: hdante
Photo: Profnemesis
Photo: khakijack

We wish one of them would visit our windows!

Photo: blda9345
Photo: fastafro
Photo: Fcuco
Photo: Cococlimbingjewelry

h/t: [Bored Panda]

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