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Restaurant Launches ‘Back To The 90s’ Takeaway Box Featuring Turkey Dinosaurs, Potato Smileys And More


Oct 7, 2020
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A restaurant in south Wales has launched a ‘Back to the 90s’ takeaway box, and it comes stuffed to the brim with ALL the best teatime treats from your childhood.

Sure, we can get a throwback to our misspent youth in many ways (inflatable sofas and butterfly clips, in my case), but we all know that the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.

And when it comes to the food from those halcyon days, it doesn’t get better than all the beige stuff that would appear from the oven in a waft of goodness on a Monday night, landing on the table in front of you ready for its obligatory splodge of tomato ketchup.

Now Lilly’s restaurant in Clase, Swansea, is giving us the ultimate old school hit with its new takeaway box, which is packed full of Turkey Dinosaurs, Turkey Twizzlers, Potato Smiley Faces and much more.

Costing £14.99, the box is designed to feed four children – although realistically we all know it’ll probably be an even bigger hit with big kids… No doubt many of whom could scoff the whole thing in one.

Credit: Lilly’s

“People have asked and we have delivered,” Lilly’s said on Facebook.

“Introducing Lilly’s ‘BACK TO THE 90’s BOX’.

“Whether this is to feed 4 children or a box to reminisce the good old days, this will be available to order from tomorrow.”

The box includes:

Mini Cheese & Tomato Pizza
4 Original Turkey Twizzlers
8 Chicken Dippers
4 Mini Potato Waffles
4 Turkey Dinosaurs
6 Potato Smileys
Curly Fries
Spaghetti Hoops
4 Fruit Shoots or 2 cans of Coca Cola

Replying to a Facebook user’s comment, Lilly’s said the box would be added to the menu on both Uber Eats and Just Eat, but in the meantime it can be ordered directly from the restaurant.

Tagging a friend, someone else commented: “Picky tea tonight?”

Another joked: “Bet Jamie Oliver secretly orders this every Friday night.”

While one other Facebook quipped: “Lilly is defo a mam that shops at Iceland.”

As the box is only available to locals in Swansea, others also said they’d try and recreate it themselves at home using their own freezer food. Those oven trays aren’t gonna know what’s hit ’em!

Featured Image Credit: Lilly’s

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