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Simple home remedy for blackhead removal


Sep 8, 2020
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We know blackheads are really very annoying and not so sexy looking. Blackheads occur due to excess secretion of oil from sebaceous gland and the dead skin cells together clog the pores. When it comes in contact with oxygen, it turns back. As the blackheads are not exactly a form of dirt simply scrubbing will not solve the problem. So don’t scrub your face excessively.

Here is an easy and cheap way to remove blackheads. Take a warm cloth and softly damp your cheeks and nose or the areas where you have blackheads. Do avoid the areas near eyes. By doing this you are trying to ease your skin so that pores are open for getting clean. Now, in a bowl, take 1 tsp of water and 1 tbsp of baking soda. It will melt like an ice-cream. Add 1 tbsp of toothpaste and mix all of them.

Gently apply the mixture at the areas where you have blackheads. Baking soda helps blackheads to dry and it also has bleaching properties that will make your skin glow. Now take a dampened toothbrush and slowly try to rub in circular motions on the mask. Do it twice and gently clean it with hot towel.

Avoid using cold water as it will close the pores which we don’t want. Also, use of towel prevents potential contact of bacteria from your nails onto your skin. Wash your skin with gentle cleanser and replenish your skin with moisturizer.

I really hope you would try this mask and avoid over-scrubbing your skin as it can make blackheads worse! Be Gentle! Please share yours views with us.

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