Single Woman Adopts 3 Children and Says ‘Love Has No Color in My Home’


Adopting as a single mom can be daunting. She was ready for it.

For as long as she can remember, Treka Engleman has known that it was her destiny to be a mom.

A math teacher from Cincinnati, Ohio, Treka says that it’s always felt natural to her to take care of children, even though she herself grew up without a maternal figure in her life.

When she was six years old, she lost her own mother. However, any uncertainty about being a mom didn’t deter Treka from fulfilling her own dream of becoming a mother.

It started with foster care, and Treka loved the idea of having foster care children in her home.

However, since she was a single woman, she wasn’t sure if she qualified.

To her surprise, Treka fit all the requirements of being a foster care parent except one: she needed to have her own home. At the time, she was sharing a home with her sister.

However, she quickly found a two-bedroom apartment and moved in, ready to do whatever it took to be a foster parent.

The other requirements were easy ones since she was over 21 and had a steady job as a teacher.

After taking classes for two months, Treka was ready to take in her first foster child from St. Joseph Orphanage.

She had the option of choosing the child’s race, but that didn’t make a difference to her at all.

Treka says that “Love is love no matter what color you are.” It was December 2016 when Treka welcomed five-day-old Elijah into her home. The little boy quickly won Treka’s heart and that only grew when she took in a little girl six months later.

Alexis was her name and she was a sweetheart. She also had a sister named Mercedes who was supposed to come to Treka’s home with her, but apparently the child had problem behavior that landed her in a group home. However, Treka and the other two kids visited Mercedes on the weekends.

In March 2018, Treka got a bigger apartment and at that time, Mercedes joined the family.

Life with three kids wasn’t easy on the single woman, but she was up for the task. Treka had never been happier. When she asked the kids if she could adopt them, they were ecstatic.

“The way they lit up with excitement when they found out it was happening will forever be one of the best memories,” she said. It happened on November 1st, and the four became a family legally.

If you want to show support for this sweet family, visit their GoFundMe page.

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