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Socialite attends wedding with six pregnant women claiming he impregnated them all, leaving everyone speechless


Nov 28, 2020
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The same man has previously been arrested for walking around with women on a leash.

It was the glamorous celebrity wedding between a movie star and his girlfriend and the guest list included some of the biggest names across industries. However, the talk of the party was one particular guest who managed to hog the spotlight, not because of his shiny pink suit, but because of the parade of pregnant women who accompanied him to the wedding.

Instead of bringing a ‘plus one’ to the wedding, socialite Pretty Mike attended the event with his ‘plus six’ and claimed that he was the father of all the children that the six women were pregnant with.

The social media star described the women as “six baby mothers to be,” and he even uploaded a video of the heavily pregnant women, standing in line and walking up to Pretty Mike one-by-one to have their bellies rubbed by the man.

“No film trick, we are just living our best life,” wrote Pretty Mike on Instagram.


The groom at the Nigerian wedding was actor and comedian Williams Uchemba who tied the knot with his girlfriend Brunella Oscar, according to the Daily Mail. And the actor’s wedding certainly got a lot of eyeball attention, thanks to Pretty Mike walking in with half a dozen pregnant women.

Pretty Mike, whose real name is Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu, has made headlines in local reports before for equally bizarre and sometimes worse reasons. In the past, he has been open about having multiple girlfriends and he even posed in September, 2019 with five women, all of whom were wearing wedding dresses. Back then, he said marrying “two of my exes and three of my current girlfriends” would be a dream-come-true.

“We all have dreams and we all have fantasies,” he reportedly said.

The man who owns a nightclub in the city of Lagos was also previously arrested for a sick and dehumanizing stunt that he pulled in 2017. Pretty Mike made headlines then for walking into a wedding with two women who were on leashes, as reported by Daily Post.

Following his arrest, Pretty Mike released a statement that said, “I, Mike Eze Nwalie, A.K.A Pretty Mike of 21A Magodo GRA, Luma Street, do hereby undertake to stop whatever act of putting girls on a leash or any other degrading treatment to ladies and guys. I am aware that such act offends the law of the State of Lagos and if I repeat it again, there will be legal act towards me. I undertake to issue a letter of apology to the public effective from tomorrow on all my social media platforms.”

Although it seemed far from it, Pretty Mike later claimed that his stunt was to speak up for women. “I needed to get the world’s attention first to be able to pass across my mission statement,” he was quoted by Punch. “It is all about women advocacy at the end of the day. It is all about empowering the women. These women have no voice. I refer to the girls I use as super heroes and we had to do something drastic in order to be heard and get the world’s attention. Now they are talking about it.”

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