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Teen who married 89-year-old with dementia boasts about inheriting his wealth: “He could die before Christmas LMAO”


Nov 15, 2020

Olivia C. Stone deleted her social media account after her disrespectful and mean tweets received a lot of backlash.

It is one thing to be young and stupid, and another to be manipulative and deceitful. And this particular teenager proved to be both. 19-year-old Olivia C. Stone reportedly tied the knot with a man 70 years older than her but only to inherit his wealth.

Lee R. Hopkins, who met the young woman at a senior living facility suffers from dementia. According to Nationalist Review, Stone who was an employee at Brookdale Russellville began interacting with 89-year-old Lee while working at the facility, and though she wasn’t his full-time caregiver, they reportedly grew close after she was designated the task of handing him his pills. According to 19-year-old Olivia, it was true love, and she decided to marry him despite his deteriorating memory, and some might even say his age.

As per the marriage records of Arkansas with the Pope County Clerk’s office, the couple got married in September 2020. While people were amazed by her decision to get married, Olivia insisted that it was nothing but love. However, social media posts by the teenager indicated otherwise. The teenager’s private chats showed she was just a greedy person exploiting the elderly man.

She wrote, “I’d like to stay for a few more months at least if I can,” alluding to her inheriting Hopkins’s wealth. Surprised by her comment, another replied, “Wait so MARRIAGE? WITHIN THE NEXT LIKE YEAR? I didn’t realize it was that serious.”

The teenager did not refrain from disclosing her motives. She wrote, “Michael if we get married I would be the sole person who get his inheritance.” In another tweet, the young girl went on to say how rich her elderly husband was. “I’m gonna p*ss and sh*t and vomit on myself. Lee has so much f*cking money f*cking hell I’ve literally been homeless before,” wrote Stone, who goes by the username “Mrs. Vagina Jones.”

The deceptive girl also claimed the pensioner might die before Christmas. “Bro he could die before Christmas LMAO,” wrote Stone. She also asked people if anyone was ready to date her after she loses her husband. “So when I’m widowed do u want me,” wrote the greedy teenager. Her rude and disrespectable comments garnered a lot of criticisms. Following the backlash, she deleted her Twitter account.

When the news outlet contacted the Brookdale media relations department to inquire about the potential ethical violations caused by Stone and whether she was still working with them, the department said Hopkins was no more a resident of the facility. This statement is contrary to the one provided by another employee from Brookdale.

Meanwhile, Stone is confirmed to have worked in the facility. A Facebook post appreciating her for her work among the elderly residents at the facility seemed to confirm her employment at Brookdale Russellville. Before meeting Stone, Hopkins was living in a senior facility with his wife, But his wife passed away in a car crash. The accident was caused after Hopkins lost his way and ended up at a place 25 miles away from the actual location. Since then, his condition has gone downhill.

While not much else is known on how he is currently doing, one can only hope that the elderly man suffering from dementia is not being taken advantage of by the young woman.

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