Textured Wall Hangings Use Real Plant Life To Capture the Rugged Beauty of Coastlines and Jungles

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Do you wish you could spend more time in nature? Not everyone is lucky enough to live by the sea or have a forest nearby. Luckily, the wall art of Ukrainian artist Anna Paschenko (of Roslynka) provides the chance to admire nature’s tranquil beauty from the comfort of your home. She creates sustainable, versatile, and beautiful natural art using resin and real botanicals.

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“I travel a lot and get inspired by nature itself,” Paschenko tells My Modern Met. “It is the finest creator, and all I need to do is channel its uniqueness in my works.” Each handcrafted piece of wall art is a one-of-a-kind, like its own miniature ecosystem comprising real plant life. “I use the fern and various types of moss accompanied by branches that I pick while traveling,” reveals Paschenko. “The point is to see the beauty around.”

Paschenko crafts entire coastal landscapes within flat, rounded metal frames. She uses real moss, black sand, and pebbles to create her miniature earthy terrains, while the ocean is recreated in resin. Each finished work looks so lifelike, you can imagine tiny otherworldly beings living in them. In one piece, Paschenko even includes a little model house nestled within the lush foliage.

Other works capture the beauty of jungle-like environments with artistic arrangements of textured botanicals. Ferns, moss, and branches appear to thrive within the frame. And although each piece includes real elements of nature, you don’t have to worry about keeping the plants alive. According to Paschenko, “stabilized moss retains its shape and color up to 10 years, fern up to 5 years.” No care or watering required.

Check out Paschenko’s moss and resin art below and find even more from her portfolio on Etsy and Instagram.

Artist Anna Paschenko creates nature-inspired wall art using resin and real botanicals.

Each handcrafted piece of wall art is a one-of-a-kind piece, like its own miniature ecosystem.

The artist uses real moss and fern leaves to recreate forest and jungle-like terrains in miniature.

She uses real black sand to create the coastline, and the ocean is crafted from resin.

These jungle-inspired works require zero maintenance.

Simply hang them on your wall and appreciate their beauty.

Anna Paschenko / Roslynka: Instagram | Etsy

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Anna Paschenko / Roslynka.

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