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These Blacknose Sheep Look Like Stuffed Animals, But They’re Real


Oct 17, 2020
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These are Valaise Blacknose Sheep, and people can’t decide whether they’re cute or scary. This sheep breed is raised mostly for wool and originally comes from Switzerland. However, the reason they become popular on the internet is not their wool. It’s their incredibly dark faces. So dark, that some say you might see your soul starring back at you from the bottomless black void.

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When I was a kid, when I had troubles sleeping, my mom would always say to me to count sheep and I will fall asleep faster. Well, I was lucky that I had seen sheep before since I lived in a village, but if my grandmother had Valais Blacknose sheep instead of regular, primitive breeds I am not sure that I would be able to go to sleep at all. I mean, I think Valais Blacknose sheep are cute now, but I was easily frightened as a kid and this breed is actually somewhat scary. I mean, you can barely see their eyes since they have such a black face. Anyway, I will let you decide whether Valais Blacknose sheep are scary or beautiful.

They come from Switzerland

Switzerland is a beautiful country located in the Central Europe. There are 26 cantons, or member states, in Switzerland and Valais is one of them. Valais is positioned in the southwestern part of the Switzerland, around the Rhone valley. Here is where the Valais Blacknose sheep originated from, on the green pastures under the Alpes.

They are a very old breed

Even though Valais Blacknose sheep was officially accepted as a breed in 1962, they were first mentioned back in the XIV century! That means that this particular sheep breed is as old as the Switzerland itself

These sheep are extremely durable

This isn’t really a surprise, considering that Valais Blacknose sheep are used to living in the mountain landscapes, and not just any mountain, but one of the biggest mountain ranges in the world, the Alpes. Thanks to this, they are good at walking on steep and slippery surfaces and they are suited to living in extreme climates.

They have a fantastic wool

I have a carpet in my house that I believe comes from Valais Blacknose sheep. I never really thought about that until I saw these amazing animals and now I am sure that it is their wool that makes my carpet so soft and fluffy. Their wool is also used for felting and they produce up to 4 kilos of wool every year.

Valais blacknose sheep in Valais, Switzerland

They are famous for their black face

Valais Blacknose sheep is very popular thanks to their unique and beautiful black features. They have a completely black face and this makes their eyes almost invisible. They also have black patches on their ears, knees and feet and they look amazing thanks to these wonderful features.

They are popular online

Personally, I don’t think that these sheep are popular enough. However, they do have a Facebook fan page and you can see many images if you search for Valais Blacknose sheep. But, as I said, I think that they can be even more popular and I believe that they certainly deserve it. Just look at how cute they are.

Valais Blacknose sheep are very rare

There are currently only a few thousands of Valais Blacknose sheep in the world. They are now endangered and threatened by wolfs which have returned to Switzerland. However, since they are bred for their meat and wool, it is safe to say that these sheep will be well protected and will remain one of the most prized breeds in the world.

They are extremely friendly

Similar to other livestock and especially other breeds of sheep, Valais Blacknose sheep are very friendly and gentle creatures. They are always tame and they like to cuddle and pet, which is great considering the fact that they have a very soft and fluffy wool. They are also very playful, always running and jumping around.

Some keep them as pets

Keeping farm animals as pets seems to be a trend across the US. Piglets, sheep and other domestic animals are gaining popularity as pets, not without reason. Valais Blacknose sheep can be great pets. They are tame, they are loving and playful and they are extremely friendly. In addition to this, they have extremely soft wool and they look gorgeous. What more do you need in a pet?

So, who says they are scary?

I know that nobody thinks sheep can be scary. However, Valais Blacknose sheep have some specific traits that can make them seem a bit unnatural. For instance, they seem like they don’t have a face in many photos thanks to their face being all black. And how can you trust something that looks like it doesn’t have eyes?

What do you think?

As I said before, I will let you judge. Do you think Valais Blacknose sheep are scary or just incredibly beautiful?

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