This Artist Is Painting Beautiful Flowers on All of Her Walls While Stuck in Quarantine


French artist Nathalie Lété has kept busy during lockdown by turning her country house into a bucolic wonderland. Every step inside shows dreamy candy-colored flowers blooming on the doors, walls, staircases, and furniture—as though it was a cottage from a fairytale.

“I bought this house three years ago,” the artist tells My Modern Met. “My dream since I was a teenager was to have my own house filled with my art.” When she began decorating her cottage, Lété intended to contain her fantastical paintings to her studio space. However, once France entered a lockdown, her husband encouraged her to take her brush to the rest of the house. Now, Lété spends each day adding special motifs—a flower, bird, or jazzy print—to every nook and cranny.

In addition to her splendid mural paintings, the French artist is also upcycling found furniture with new botanical life. “What I liked especially was the idea of [creating] your own world, kind of a nest, just filled with your own art,” Lété continues. “From wall paintings to the rugs, from the fabrics to the lamps and everyday dishes. The idea is that you can transform a simple place and furniture found on the street into something special and personal.” According to the images the artist has been posting to her Instagram, no part of her house is going overlooked. Wiggly, swirly stems dotted with flowers grow from every corner. Lété even painted a dusty pink headboard, accompanied by hearts and songbirds, to frame her bed.

French artist Nathalie Lété is spending quarantine painting her country home outside of Paris.

She has decorated the walls, doors, and windows with whimsical botanical illustrations.

Nathalie Lété: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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