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TikTok beekeeper scoops up swarm of bees with BARE hands


Sep 23, 2020
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A popular TikToker, who works as a professional beekeeper, has filmed herself scooping up swarms of bees after coming across a hive underneath the floor of a backyard shed.

Erika Thompson, from the US state of Texas, posted a video of the bee removal to the social media platform last week.

As seen in the video above, Thompson details her work, after cutting into the floor of the shed.

After lifting out some of the hive, Thompson, who has thousands of followers on Instagram, removes her veil and takes a bite out of some fresh honey.

She’s then seen scooping the bees up with her bare hands into a temporary travel hive.

Thompson scooped the bees up with her bare hands. Credit: texasbeeworks/TikTok

“As a professional beekeeper, I’ve learned how to read the bees’ behaviours and could tell that these bees would not sting me,” she explained in the video.

“Next, I removed the comb structure of the hive that had baby bees and food and I put it into frames so that the bees would have everything they need in their new home.”

She took a bite of honey at the site. Credit: texasbeeworks/TikTok

Thompson then spotted the Queen Bee and put her in a clip to keep her safe.

She then placed her in the travel hive and “all the other bees followed her into the new hive”.

The TikTok video has since received more than one million views and more than 279,000 comments.

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