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Twitter User (@Lifeisasoph) Says, ‘Jacob Blake Raped My Niece’


Sep 1, 2020
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A Twitter user (@lifeisasoph) with a profile name “Soph” claims that Jacob Blake raped her niece. As of now, Twitter has suspended this account because of some policy violations. According to a screenshot shared on thedonald.win, her tweet reads, “Nick, Jacob raped my niece. He showed up at her house and they called the cops on him. Stop talking about him like he did nothing wrong. He knew he was going to jail and went back to his car. He always has a gun on him. Illegally might I add.”

After digging more into this, as per the web archives, Soph replied Ryan Lofthouse and Andy Larsen on Twitter with “Jacob raped my niece. The Cops were called because he came back to her house, took her keys, and he’s not supposed to be there.”

David, another Twitter user, replied to this, “HE STILL SHOULD HAVE BEEN SH*T 7 F**KING TIMES.” To which Soph responded with, “should have been 50 times for what he did to my niece. but hopefully he survives so we can put him in jail,” as per the screenshot posted on ifunny.co.

Who is Soph (@lifeisasoph)?

Soph is a Twitter user whose full name is not available on the social media profile. Right now, her profile has been suspended by Twitter, but after looking at web archives, her profile description reads, “Attorney that always advocates for criminal justice reform. Have a good day.” She joined the network in March 2015. However, on her profile, the link to the website is set to “google.com” which sounds something fake about this.

Twitter user (@lifeisasoph)

Who is Jacob Blake?

Jacob Blake is a 29-year-old man who was shot at the back multiple times by a police officer in Wisconsin, as shown in a viral video. He was shot at the back while he was entering into his SUV in front of his children seated in the car.

Unfortunately, the police of that area don’t have body-cam, so the whole story is not straightforward in the masses. Due to the viral video, this incident turned into protest online then to streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin.

It went more complicated when an Illinois teen, Kyle Rittenhouse shot three protestors with an AR-15 weapon. Two of them are dead now, and one got severe arm injury due to the bullet. The complaint against the teen revealed that he “fled the state Wisconsin with the intent to avoid prosecution for that offence.”

After this, Jacob Blake criminal history came into the picture, which shows some past charges he had. But none of them has death penalities.

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