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UAE teacher has live worms extracted from liver


Aug 25, 2020
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Fujairah: A 49-year-old teacher in Fujairah had quite a shock after doctors removed a cyst in her liver which was infested with live worms.

Christy Bai Gnanamai Parimala had been suffering from stomach pains for quite some time before the cyst was taken out, Khaleej Times reported.

Thumbay Hospital surgeon and specialist Dr Raj Kumar said the music teacher had ‘inhaled the worms’ from her pet dog.

“The larvae from a cyst attached to the liver continues to grow as the worms grow,” he said, before adding that a cyst can be fatal if it ruptures and releases the larvae into the blood stream.

Ms Parimala had been in severe pain, with swelling, breathlessness and nausea before the cyst was taken out and she had also lost her appetite.

“I no longer have any pain or feel the poking sensation in my tummy as was the case before the surgery,” she said.

Dr Kumar and his team removed the 8cm cyst in a three-hour keyhole surgery, a minimally-invasive operation that only required minor punctures in her abdomen.

During the surgery, infected parts of Ms Parimala’s liver was extracted along with the cyst.

“The keyhole surgery accelerates healing and helps the patient go back to normal life in a week,” the surgeon said.

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