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US Postal worker arrested, charged with dumping hundreds of pieces of mail, ballots


Oct 9, 2020
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West Orange, NJ — Hundreds of pieces of mail thrown out in New Jersey.

Investigators say a US Postal Service worker dumped empty ballots, political fliers, and other types of mail over the course of a week in Essex County.

Residents tipped off authorities after finding the discarded mail in dumpsters.

26-year-old Nicholas Beauchene started working as a United States Postal worker in July.

Less than four months later, he has resigned, accused of tossing 627 pieces of first-class mail– 99 general election ballots, 276 campaign flyers, and much more over the course of one week in Essex County.

The Simons, who live along the suspect’s mail, route are furious.

“Oh my goodness, and I know my next-door neighbor didn’t get mail either. Yes. We were wondering what happened, we kept going out thinking was it going to come later and later. And then it didn’t come until yesterday,” said Judy Simon.

Investigators say Beauchene made the dumps between Sept. 28 and Oct. 2.

The mail was destined for addresses in Orange and West Orange.

Investigators were tipped off when residents reported finding mounds of discarded mail while throwing out the trash.

Howard Dinger discovered the mail in his Arlington dumpster last Friday.

“To have that all go in the trash like that is, was in my mind, really ridiculous,” said Dinger.

Prosecutors say on those delivery dates, Beauchene was the only mail carrier assigned to deliver mail to the addresses on the recovered mail.

The letters have since been placed back into the mail stream for delivery.

Reporters reached out to Beauchene at his Kearny home Wednesday, but his family said they had nothing to say and that “it was a family matter.”

But those who had their mail tossed think otherwise.

“I couldn’t believe it. I thought the security as far as the mail system and stuff like that was better than that,” said Julian Williams.

Beauchene was arraigned for delay of mail and obstruction of mail in federal court. Prosecutors say after his arrest, he admitted to the accusations and they believe he had no political motive.

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