US soldier shoots dead heavily pregnant wife and dies by suicide in front of 3-year-old daughter


A US soldier shot his pregnant wife and then turned the gun on himself in front of the couple’s three-year-old daughter, as per tragic reports.

Staff Sergeant Keith Lewis, 31, is said to have murdered wife Sarah, 34, at the US Army’s Fort Bragg base in North Carolina on Sunday evening.

Metro say that Sarah was just three days away from her due date at the time of the killing. Her unborn baby tragically died as well.

Staff Sergeant Lewis was previously charged with pointing a gun at Sarah in 2016, and is said to have abused his wife when drunk.

As per WMBF Sarah’s aunt, Tammy De Mirza, said: “It’s a complete shock. It’s like a horror movie.

“This guy had PTSD. This happened two-and-a-half years ago, the exact same scenario. From what I understand, he drank, and when he drank, he lost it.

“It wasn’t just the loss of Sarah but of a baby that’s fully formed and due in three days, and on top of that, I’m finding out she’s been in a relationship with years of abuse. You feel guilty. What would you have done? Could I have stopped it in some way?’

Sarah, who had two other children from a past marriage, had worked as a paramedic before meeting Lewis.

Sarah and Keith’s three-year-old daughter was unharmed in the shooting, and is now in the care of relatives.

My heart breaks for this family. Such a tragedy goes beyond words.

Rest in peace, Sarah Lewis and her unborn baby. We will never know what drove Staff Sergeant Keith Lewis to commit such a terrible crime.

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