What The Shape Of Your Fingers Say About You


Type A

People who fall under type A are reserved and don’t like sharing their feelings. They tend to portray themselves as stronger than they really are. They are emotional and only feel connected to someone they like. Such people hate dishonesty, lies, and hypocrisy. They appear cool and strong but can often be vulnerable to emotions. They aren’t very tolerant and can come off as arrogant and eccentric. They have a big heart and like helping others.

Type A people finish every task they are given irrespective of whether they like it or not. They enjoy a good laugh and as long it’s funny, they will be amused.

Type B

Type B people never approach someone by themselves. They are loyal, devoted and will give full attention to the person they love. Deep inside, they are sensitive souls but on the surface, they will appear hard and cold. This is why people tend to think wrongly of type B people. These people are committed and finish a task once they set their mind to it. They are scared of getting hurt and that sometimes makes them uncomfortable even though they will appear calm.

They may show like they don’t need anyone but on the inside, they always dream of finding their soulmate. Because of this they may get hurt easily but will never show it on the surface.

Type C

Type C people are the ones who don’t hold on to past grudges. They easily forget things that upset them. They hate unfamiliar territories and it bothers them to face and deal with things that are unknown to them. They respect other people’s opinions but can sometimes appear to be bossy because of their ego. That is not to say they have a big ego, but it reaches extreme levels when arguing with someone. However, they are also the first ones to apologize.

People who fall into this category are also reserved and don’t share their feelings easily. They are straightforward and like dealing with their own problems. They want people to trust them and depend on them.

These people are clear about what they want in life. They have their priorities sorted out and can easily differentiate between the good from the bad.

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