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Woman asks if she’s wrong to throw her mother-in-law out after she dropped her own feces on the kitchen table


Oct 17, 2020
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Imagine having to eat off the kitchen table when you know somebody splattered last night’s dinner on it after it has passed through a human body and came out of the rear end. One woman became the victim of such a situation after her mother-in-law decided to take revenge in probably one of the most repulsive way.

The woman shared the story on Reddit in a post that was later deleted but screenshots of the same were shared on Twitter

“I have had an on going issue with my mil, as most women do these days,” the woman wrote before she went on to reveal that her mother-in-law has been staying with her family for a few months ever since the woman’s husband passed away.

“She has been staying with us while she figures out how to move on with her life and make arrangements so on so forth,” the woman shared. “As much as I feel sorry for her loss, she uses this as an excuse to berate others, insult my kids, and just be an all around slob without repercussions. The other day, she clogged my husband and I’s toilet. Now, we asked that she share a toilet with our kids because we have a small house with only two bathrooms, and my husband and I don’t want anyone coming into our master bedroom to use our bathroom.”

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The woman went on to reveal how the mother-in-law has been “stubborn” about the bathroom complaints and how she barges into their bathroom “at all hours of the day and night.” Locks and barricades didn’t help in keeping the mother-in-law out of their bathroom.

“We’ve had to start locking and barricading our door because she will try ramming her shoulder into it to force it open to enter our bedroom and then walk into our bathroom,” the woman went on to say. “Obviously, we want our privacy and told her to stop repeatedly. The other day, she used our toilet and clogged it. I asked her to use the plunger next to it and fix it because it’s gross and I shouldn’t have to do that. She used the plunger but cursed at me the whole time and called me a lazy housewife. I work from home. I pay 80% of the bills while my husband does gig work right now.”

After that, there were few more incidents of toilet-clogging and the woman wondered if the mother-in-law was doing this on purpose. Things escalated drastically when one day, the mother-in-law clogged the toilet up so much that the woman said she could smell it all the way from the hall.

“I said please unclog our toilet,” the woman revealed. “She gave me a smirk and went into the room and I thought she was fixing it. I go to the garage to put away some stuff and come back into my house and her feces is on our table. She told me that if I was so interested in her bathroom habits she would put it on display for me. At that point, I was so disgusted I felt like I would throw up, so I grabbed her stuff from the couch she had been sleeping on and literally threw it outside and told her to leave.”

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The woman locked up the door the moment the mother-in-law stepped outside and even rung up her husband, telling him that there was no way she was going to let the mother-in-law back inside the house. But her husband and her other relatives did not seem to concur with her choice.

“My husband said I overreacted and many other relatives are posting on facebook that I am a monster who kicked out a widow but the woman put human feces on my table just to spite me,” the woman said. “My husband also refused to kiss me or hug me and has been giving me the cold shoulder. My kids are too young to understand and think I am a monster who kicked out their grammy.”

After seeing the post, a number of Twitter users shared their varying opinions on how sh*t went down at the woman’s house.

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